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The object of your affections LOVES designer handbags, (well if she reads this blog she does). You, the adoring friend/lover/benefactor don’t quite have the $1800 budget for that Prada tote or Fendi Satchel, (especially after spending thousands on those diamond earrings?)

Purse Page to the rescue, you can still treat your recipient with a smaller designer bag in the form of a cute coin purse. It still has the style, the signature designer accoutrements and is ‘travel’ sized for your convenience. Two of my favorites:

** Comme des Garcons Embossed Coin Purse**

Rei Kowakubo’s line is known mainly for it’s intellectually and artistically fascinating (if not quite wearable) clothing. Here on the other hand, Comme des Garcons has produced a simple and elegant embossed leather item for $90.00. This bag is uncharacteristically classic, with goldtone hardware. Can it be that this avant-garde fashion maven gets sentimental and traditional for the holidays? $90 at Saks Fifth Avenue

** Burberry Shimmer Coin Purse**

Speaking of traditional, the classic Burberry Nova Plaid accessory gets a shiny new update for the holidays. The typical beige/navy/red combo is replaced with winter-friendly fuzzy grey and ivory. This purse is given some party-glam with metallic silver leather and shiny silver hardware at a reasonable $95.00. All a lady really needs on a good night out is lipstick and cab fare, and this little poche can hold that. $95 at Saks Fifth Avenue

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