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Eco Fashion the Beau Soleil Reduce Recycle Amp Renew Tote ...

By Vanessa

March 6, 2008
post written by Bag Bliss blogger: Vanessa

Eco Fashion: The Beau Soleil Reduce, Recycle**** & Renew Tote
One of the biggest issues facing the world today is global warming and the environment. It remains to be one of the most discussed topics at the presidential debates and has sparked a lot of public interest. Many public and private groups have been formed in order to battle this serious issue. As of recently, the environment is becoming a main issue in the fashion world as well. Many eco-friendly clothing lines have been formed and are becoming a big hit with fashion-goers.

Beau Soleil has introduced a new eco-friendly bag made of recycled raw cotton canvas and rope emblazoned with the words “Reduce, Recycle, Renew.” It can be found at Saks 5th Avenue at a very fair and reasonable price of $45. While this bag does not consist of ornate metals and leathers, it is charming and cute. It’s simple and jeansworthy �" a great every day bag to carry on a shopping trip or to school. It also promotes an important message. It may not scream FASHION, but it does scream ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, a very important and admirable statement to make.

Find it here: ShopBop or Saks Fifth Avenue

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