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18 Purple Wallets Purple Belts Purple Gloves ...

By Olga

Looking for a purple belt to finish up your look? Or you just want to find a hot new wallet in the fashionable hue?

Either way you came to the right place, Girl!

I was looking all over the net for something glamourous, small and purple and I came across so many fabulous little purple things, I just had to share them with you!

1 Dior Karenina Red Wallet

Price upon request, visit
Dior Karenina Red WalletIf you are up for classics, you will definitely like this Dior "Karenina" wallet!

2 Louis Vuitton French Purse

$720.00, visit
Louis Vuitton French PurseDo you like French purses? If so, this is the French purse to go for this winter! Don't you just love the colors?


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3 Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin Purse

$405.00, visit
Louis Vuitton Zippy Coin PurseI fell in love with this little coin purse by Louis Vuitton! It's just too adorable! I would probably just carry it around and will never bring myself to put any smelly change into it...

4 Carolina Amato Gloves

$149.00, visit
Awe, I love these gloves! The cutout details are so in this winter!

5 Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch

$370.00, visit
This is my dream cosmetic pouch, Ladies... I already put it on the list for Santa!

6 Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Belt

$420.00, visit
Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis BeltThis Vernis belt will not only defy your waist but will also bring some chic and sparkle to your whole outfit!

7 Marc Jacobs Key Pouch - Classic

Price upon request, visit
Marc Jacobs Key Pouch - ClassicThis is one cute key pouch girls! The hue of purple is just lovely!

8 Louis Vuitton Mini Agenda Cover

$265.00, visit
If you are the kind of gal who can not live without a little agenda in your purse, you will definitely need this cute Vernis cover from Louis Vuitton! So that you have an extra reason to pull out that fab agenda of yours! ;)

9 Marc Jacobs Classic Long Wallet

Price upon request, visit
Marc Jacobs Classic Long WalletIf you are looking for a classic wallet that will be in style for years and years, look no further - this Marc Jacobs accessory has it all!

10 Louis Vuitton Eugenie Wallet

$785.00, visit
I am not a big fan of big wallets, but if you are, you might like this Louis Vuitton solid Eugenie wallet in pretty pinkish purple!

11 Sergio Rossi Bouganville Python Wallet

Price upon request, visit
Sergio Rossi Bouganville Python WalletAwe... it's purple and it's python - how can one not love it?

12 Louis Vuitton Snapped Billford & Coin Purse

$655.00, visit
This is yet another pretty purple coin purse from Louis Vuitton. It's pretty expensive for a coin purse, if you ask me, but I would totally go for it if I had that kind of income.

13 Louis Vuitton Pampilles Vernis Leather Belt

$420.00, visit
Louis Vuitton Pampilles Vernis Leather BeltI absolutely adore this cute little belt - especially the charm detail! Gorgeous!

14 Prada Watch with Saffiano Calf Leather Strap

$518.00, visit
If you like wearing watces, you might want to get this cute Prada watch with saffiano calf leather strap!

15 Ralph Lauren Ruffle Glove

$145.00, visit
Elbow high gloves are very hot this winter, especially when they come in a fabulous purple color and have ruffles too! Don't you just love this stylish yet cozy accessory?

16 Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable Beret

$195.00, visit
Ralph Lauren Cashmere Cable BeretThis Ralph Lauren beret will beautifully complement the long purple gloves above! And even when worn alone, it will make you stand out in the crowd!

17 Shell Sunglasses

$390.00, visit
For this winter sunny days you might need a pair of fashionable sunglasses, girls! And these ones come in the purple hue!

18 Gucci Purple Scarf

$205, visit
Want an accessory that will look fabulous season after season? Then you absolutely need this gorgeous purple Gucci scarf!

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