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2 Die 4 Dominic Jones Gold Nails Gloves

By Sheila

Step aside ladies! The sight of these Dominic Jones gold nails gloves makes me want to unleash my inner bad girl! I'm absolutely lovin' the dark, almost bondage-inspired seduction it exudes. Totally fierce!

What's so Fab about It: For starters, full marks for sheer inventiveness! I mean, who would have thought that someone could take leather gloves to a whole new level of amazing! Just look at those gold nails. Don't they make you wanna scream with joy? (and brandish a whip perhaps?) wink

Where would I wear it: Since we are talking about an imaginary world where I can afford these gloves, I'm also going to go ahead and imagine that I have a perfect body! So I'm going to put on my skinniest leather pants, my highest caged heels, a cute top for that feminine touch, and these gloves... and party like a diva! Maybe even leave some anonymous scratches on cute boys. Okay, I'll stop! :D

How Many Tall Lattes It's Worth: 369

Where to look 4 it:

Just remember that these Dominic Jones gold nails gloves are not for you if you are the quintessential girly girl. You need some crazy attitude to be able to carry them off. Do you think you have it in you?

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