Vending Machines That Sell Flats Best Idea Ever?


Heels are my best friend and my worst enemy and I never know how to respond when a guy says, "Why do you women do this to yourselves?" Every weekend before I set out to conquer the world *cough* I face the same dilemma...Should I, shouldn't I? I usually end up convincing myself that my night out is pointless if I don't have a pair of heels on. Afterall, I love the way they make me look and feel that is until the end of the night when my feet feel like they're on fire and I find myself wondering, Why DO we do this to ourselves? Never again, I promise my poor aching feet.

Wouldn't it be nice if heels just magically transformed into flats at the end of the night? I know there's the option of carrying a spare pair of flats and believe me, I've tried but it's not always convenient and more importantly, I don't usually remember to do that. And this is why, some genius out there akaRollasole came up with the brilliant idea of vending machines that sell flats!
Apparently these have been around in Europe and Australia for a while and have finally appeared in the United States, inside the Vanity Nightclub in Vegas to be specific. They will be launching soon in clubs across Vegas as well as LA and who knows, maybe you'll see it in a nightclub near you soon enough.
My only issue is that each pair costs $19.95 and that means personally, I would only indulge if it is a REAL emergency. If not, I think I'd call it a night and limp back home. Still, you have to give them credit for the amazing idea. I can only hope that they figure out a way to make it more pocket friendly. What do you think? Vote below!

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wow that is such a neat idea!!! it would definitely be a fashion emergency savior! if only it would be would make more sense cause they dont seem to be such a good quality!

Great idea...i dont know how many times i was running late and caught somewhere in my heels....I mean I always try and have flats in my purse...but sometimes like everyone else I just forget. How would sizes apply? S, M, L?

OMG! Best idea ever, do they sell them in canada as well a the U.S.?

This made me laugh. Super cute idea though.

since they cost so much, i'll go buy my first pair and put them in my purse. how long do they last again?

So you don't carry a bag.. What are you gonna do? Hold the heels in your hand while you have the flats on?

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