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Clementine Chepstow Bag by Smythson

Uber luxury brand Smythson of Bond Street has announced its entry into the competitive market of fashion handbags called "Nancy". Long known for fine stationery and leather goods (including a small collection of classic bags), Smythson now hopes to attract fashionistas around the globe with its new high quality fashion bag line. Priced from $981 - $1873, the line will be Italian made with two styles: a clutch and a soft self frame shoulder bag. Clasps are covered in leather and fashioned after vintage locks and in pale gold hardware. Small leather goods, a french purse and key ring, will also be available. Whichever bag you choose to purchase, be rest assured that it will offer the same Smythson quality we've come to expect. "It's quirky British luxury with a sense of humor," said Samantha Cameron, creative director for the brand. "It's about quality. We're not a fashionable bag, we're a fashionable luxury goods brand."

Smythson's New York boutique will close temporarily for renovations but will reopen in September. A store at Two Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills will open this summer and plans for three more stores in the US are underway for the next year. Are you as excited as me? You should be! I have always loved Smythson stationery and can't wait to get my hands on the Clementine bag above!

Source: WWD

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