HampM Fights the Good Fight


HampM Fights the Good Fight
HampM Fights the Good Fight

Watch out ladies, H&M's new line may have just turned the tables and made it possible for your boy to steal YOUR favorite hoodie.

On April 26th they laaunched a unisex line that supports a cause that is worth fighting for. H&M's Fashion Against AIDS is already starting what I am happy to report is quite the buzz. They've got hoodies, jumpsuits, bags, suspenders and some incredibly cute tees that make me a little weak. Not only are these designs totally fab and unisex but 24% of all sales go towards youth HIV/AIDS projects the world over.

Men look dashing and sporty and women get to sport that super trendy boyfriend baggy look that we're starting to see all over the place in magazines. And the ads! Everyone from Penn Badgley to The Scissor Sisters are representing this particular cause and they've never looked better.

The bottom line? Make sure to buy two of everything. Remember it's for an AMAZING cause. And with clever t-shirts that say "Safe Ride Only" there really isn't any way that you could go wrong. So break out those wallets, guard your closets and fight the good fight with H&M, one orange jumpsuit and cute t-shirt at a time!

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