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The Winner of the TJ Maxx 50 Gift Card

By Sheila

Update: We finally have the winner of our TJ Maxx contest. Firstly, congratulations Jennifer for winning the "best outfit" of the three! That coral top is divine and that combination is adorable. As for the winner of the $50 TJ Maxx gift card, here we go...
Congratulations Becky! You have won a $50 TJ Maxx card and you'll be hearing from us very soon. Thanks everyone for participating! Keep a lookout for more giveaways...

We at AWS love our fashion and to make our shopping experience a little more exciting, we decided to have a fun fashion challenge between three of our fabulous writers: Amber, Jen andLyndsie. Now we all know that TJ Maxx and Marshalls are THE places to go to when you're looking for amazing deals on designer clothing, accessories and shoes and the goal of this challenge was to find the best possible bargains at TJ Maxx and Marshalls for $50 or less. I bet you can't wait to see what our lovely contestants picked. Well, here you go...

Table of contents:

  1. amber
  2. lyndsie
  3. jennifer

1 Amber

My TJMaxx shopping adventure started as a challenge. My shopping companions were a husband who definitely doesn’t like shopping and my two kids, age 4 and 6. By the time I made it to the dressing room, I felt like I had run a marathon! Thankfully, the dressing room attendant was super nice and even chatted with my little ones while I tried on clothes and modeled the various options for my husband.

I started out looking for separates that I could mix and match, but I quickly fell in love with the racks of sundresses that were marked down to a true bargain! I’m a girly girl at heart and after all the weight I’ve lost, I figured I might try on something completely out of the box. After half an hour weighing the possibilities in the mirror, I settled on an olive green dress with a halter neckline. I fell in love with it the minute I put it on and the price tag sealed the deal… it was only $12.99! Seriously?! What a steal, huh?

So what was I going to do with the remainder of my shopping budget? Without a second of hesitation I hit the shoe section and scored a pair of Liz Claiborne wedge sandals for $29.99. Next, I browsed the accessories until I spotted a pair of Steve Madden sunglasses I loved. They were actually in the men’s department, but I thought they added a fun twist to my girly sundress and shoes. They were also a huge bargain for $5.99. Cost for the total look: $48.97 before tax!

2 Lyndsie

I came into Marshalls like a girl on a mission from the fashion gods – which was, in my opinion, entirely appropriate, even though the Better Half said I didn’t really need the camouflage to scope out the best deals (kidding, kidding!). I immediately dove in – and immediately began experiencing Shopper’s Greed. There were so many awesome things!

First I fell in love with a pair of Ralph Lauren skinny jeans (only $15.99!) along with an off-shoulder tee and a gorgeous charcoal denim jacket. I finally traded the jeans for a pair of dress capris in the same shade as the jacket, and was just on my way to the dressing room when the Better Half, who was wondering around doing recon during the mission, spotted The Dress. Having not found any mod dresses I really fell in love with, I’d pretty much given up the formal section and gone straight to the sales racks.

Big mistake. Huge! As soon as I laid eyes on my gorgeous Sapogee dress, I knew I had to have it – and it was within the budget! And there was enough left over for shoes! And accessories! One gorgeous silver scarf and one adorable, fuzzy clutch later, and I still managed to find a pair of bright, adorable shoes to add a splash of color to my monochrome outfit! Plus, a little bit of bling, attached to a tiny travel jewelry box.

And thus, this wonderful outfit – at less than $50!

3 Jennifer

Mission complete! I snagged a sweet summer outfit with a boardwalk-beach theme, and I’m in seersucker heaven, all for less than $50 including the shoes!

When I first walked in, I noticed these darling cuffed seersucker shorts by Tweeds, right on a rack by the door. And, yay, they had my size! Next I needed a cute top, something bright to set off my faux tan and the white in the shorts. I found this gorgeous coral-colored open-knit sweater. It’s so soft and light-weight, and look at that pretty knit pattern! Underneath I chose a white tank. The basic outfit was complete!

I did some quick calculating and was thrilled to figure out I still had almost $15 left! Time to hunt for some accessories! First stop: shoe department, where I scored these silver thongs with a cool stud detail. And I STILL HAD MONEY LEFT! Over to the beauty section, where a lush H2O Tango Mango bath and shower gel caught my eye. It matches my sweater… hooray!

Can you believe it? I got the cute seersucker shorts, the gorgeous coral top and the tank to go under it, plus shoes and a fab beauty product for less than $50! I’ll be the coolest kid on the boardwalk, for sure!

All this, for less than $50! Beat that, Amber and Lyndsie!
Pretty impressive huh? Great job ladies! I love the coral sweater that Jen found and the adorable yellow shoes from Lyndsie's finds and of course Amber's Steve Madden glasses that add a nice touch to her girly outfit. Remember, TJ Maxxisn’t a discount or a close-out store — they just have the best deals on all of the latest fashions, year-round! Before you run to your closest TJ Maxx or Marshalls, please take a moment to vote for your favorite look from the three above. We will pick a random commenter (from the US) to win her very own $50 TJ Maxx gift card!

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