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7 Reasons I Hated "Toy Story 3" ...

By Jennifer

Sure, it may have won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature, but I didn’t like “Toy Story 3,” and think “How to Train Your Dragon” ought to have won. While I’m a big fan of Disney - Pixar, and I loved the first two “Toy Story” films, I loathed “Toy Story 3.” Why, you ask? I’d be happy to tell you! Here are 7 reasons I hated “Toy Story 3.”

1 It Was so Sad!

I know, I know, “Toy Story 3” was supposed to be a little sad, with Andy all grown up and leaving for college. And what Disney movie doesn’t make you tear up at least once? So I was expecting it to be a little sad, but I was overwhelmed with how heart-breaking it was… I didn’t just have to deal with the “Andy leaving” storyline, but the one with the “abandoned toys,” especially the Big Baby, just killed me! I cried through at least a quarter of the movie, which is the biggest reason I hated “Toy Story 3.”

2 It Was Mean

The other two “Toy Story” movies featured bad guys and situations that were somewhat scary, often silly, but rarely mean. “Toy Story 3,” however, was very mean-spirited, and that bothered me. There was no wonder, no awe, just a lot of meanness… which I didn’t expect, and which made me very disappointed.

3 It Was Creepy

Big Baby? CREEPY! And Ken? Also somewhat creepy. Even Strawberry… creepy! I’m not alone in thinking this, either… my 7-year-old daughter thought they were creepy too… even Sid and his trove of battered toys weren’t this scary…

Michael I Agree. Every Toy Story EXCEPT this one I enjoyed...

4 Even My 7-year-old Cried…

At first, I chalked up my tears to the fact that I’m a very emotional person… but my 7-year-old daughter, the one this movie was supposed to be made for, cried her eyes out! She looked at me after one scene and asked if we could leave… and she was so excited about the movie before we went! We stayed, but to this day, when anyone asks her if she liked “Toy Story 3,” she says, “No! That movie was horrible!”

Michael I Agree. I watched it when I was very young, so I ...

5 It Made Me Feel… Old!

I don’t like anything that makes me feel elderly, and I hated “Toy Story 3” because it made me feel ancient. Why? Well, I remember when Andy was little, and Molly was just a baby! Now he’s going to college and she’s a teenager… which is actually kind of a shade of my own life, with my older daughter in college… thank you! I don’t need a movie to make me feel even older!

6 Even Though I Hated It, It Still Made Tons of Money

I’m furious that, even though I have legitimate reasons for hating “Toy Story 3” that it still made a ton of money at the box office, and is well on its way to making lots more on DVD, especially now that it’s won the Oscar. It makes me feel slightly unjustified… but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right? Any movie Disney puts out, even the wretched “Hunchback of Notre Dame,” will make lots of money, just because it’s made by Disney…

7 There Won’t Be a Toy Story 4… Will There?

Okay, even though I hated “Toy Story 3,” I still wanted there to be another one, mostly because of how much I adored the first two movies. Well, I’m pretty sure there won’t be another movie, now, with Andy off at college and his toys handed down to that sweet little Bonnie. Wait! Maybe there could be a “Toy Story 4” that follows the toys’ adventures at Bonnie’s house! Why not?

These are just the reasons I hated “Toy Story 3,” but everyone’s entitled to their opinion, right? Did you like or loathe “Toy Story 3,” and did it deserve to win the Oscar? Why or why not? Please share! I’d like to know that I’m not the only one who didn’t like “Toy Story 3.”

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