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Weekend Bag Dilemma ...

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I am really good at making bag decisions for people and I do it on a daily basis (several times a day!), seriously- present a bag dilemma to me and I will find the solution clearly and quickly within minutes. I am also good at editing my own bag purchases and I rarely ask people for advice (who can give better bag advice than myself right?) but every once in a while, like today, I am presented with too many great options and I become over stimulated and confused. I know it's totally shallow to obsess and stress over handbag choices but as Kelly always reminds me, if thist is the worst of my problems, I am a lucky girl. So, I found myself in the mood for a new bag today (gasp! such a rarity right?!?!). I currently have three choices available to me but only want to buy ONE. My choice are: Hermes Orange Ostrich Birkin with palladium hardware, the metallic python Chanel I've been thinking about since December, and an exquisite Oscar crocodile bag in blue (the exact shade as my J brand jeans!). ** The arguments for each bag after the jump!**

1. Hermes Orange Ostrich Birkin

Pros- Hello, it's Hermes, it's a birkin, it's an exotic skin. Need I say more? Plus Hermes is the only brand that does not lose its value when you take it out of the store. In fact, it's worth twice as much in the secondary market.

Cons- I have over a dozen Hermes bags. (Which one can argue is a pro, not a con). Other than that, I see no reason why I should not get this other than the two other bags that are tempting me and my refusal to buy more than one bag right now.

2. Chanel Metallic Python Bag

Pros- The rare python skin is smooth and gorgeous, the divided interior means I will never lose my cell in the dark depths of my bag again and the size is perfect, did I mention the python skin is amazing?

Cons- The chain is the size and weight of heavy duty bike chain lock and I may risk back injury, plus it is twice the price of most Chanel python bags.

**3. Oscar de la Renta Blue Crocodile Alden **

Pros- Oscar uses the finest croc skin and the scales are superb and flawless. I absolutely adore the denim blue color, it is youthful and fun (even though the bag is on the mature side of design). Lastly, the magnetic flap is genius!

Cons- It is a serious and structured bag and I was hoping to lighten up and get something casual.

So, what is the point of sharing this long (and probably boring) tale with you? I am going to allow all of you, my readers, to make the choice for me. So go ahead, tell me, which bag should I get? I will make my purchase on Monday based on your vote :)

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