10 Hottest Gucci Handbags ...

There's something about Gucci handbags that makes it every self-confessed fashionista's staple. Not really a surprise considering everytime I see their iconic monogram, I literally drool! Since the 1920's, Gucci has consistently come up with the trendiest yet classiest designs and despite the hefty price tag, Gucci handbags are considered to be among the hottest accessories a girl can own! No wonder these bags are selling like hotcakes worldwide! So, if you think you are ready to join the club of Gucci handbag owners or could possibly think of getting a Gucci handbag some day, check out our pick for the 10 hottest Gucci Bags this season ...

1. 'Snaffle Bit' Evening Bag

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Price: $2200 at gucci.com
Sometimes it's just so difficult to find the perfect evening bag. Let this Snaffle bit evening bag be your knight in shining armour! I love the nude color, the antique gold hardware and most of all the flap and snaffle bit snap closure. It's so unique, classy and perfect!

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