10 Coolest Marc Jacobs Bags ...

It’s a terrible thing to have to say, but we in Detroit don’t have a Marc Jacobs store. The nearest one is in Chicago. But my store is the one in Las Vegas — my brother lives there and every time I visit him, I spend an afternoon at the store. Love it! I was planning a trip in the spring, and now that I’ve seen the Spring 2010 collection of Marc Jacobs bags, I’m booking my flight for sure. Here’s my list of the coolest Marc Jacobs bags for next season, so new they haven’t been priced on named! For price or purchase information, please contact your closest store…

1. Marc Jacobs Geometric Print Tote Bag

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Bright, bold, and roomy, this little bag is the perfect accessory for your shyest, most modest ensemble. One outside pocket on each side for a cell phone or iPod, and the signature Marc Jacobs initials subtly embroidered all over. Stash your travel goodies for an over-night flight, or your sunscreen and teeny bikini for a day at the beach.

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