10 Hottest Prada Shoes ...

One of the hottest names in fashion that is coveted worldwide is Prada. Prada has been synonymous with high end fashion leather goods since the 1950’s. It wasn’t until about 1970 that a woman took over, the daughter in law of the original designer offering a more versatile design to the sexes. And that marked the beginning of the house of Prada as we know it today. After seeing these 10 Hottest Prada shoes it will be no surprise to anyone why the company is still striving in the fashion industry.

1. Prada Platform Pump - Beige

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Price: $207.03
One of the Hottest Prada shoes is the Platform Pump in Beige. These β€œclassic” pumps are made from crackled leather which gives the shoe a unique quality separating it from a normal classic pump. Like most classic pumps the shoe has a pointed toeand a very sexy 125mm heel. These would be good for the office where closed toe shoes are usually required. These would look great with a business skirt suit or even with your favorite dress pants and a matching shirt.

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