10 Hottest Manolo Blahnik Shoes ...


10 Hottest Manolo Blahnik Shoes ...
10 Hottest Manolo Blahnik Shoes ...

Manolo Blahnik has been on the scene since 1972 with his fabulous footwear designs. With boutiques all over the world he’s a busy man creating some of the trendiest, hottest shoes ever seen. Obviously, you'd expect that from someone who has dedicated his whole life to the art of shoe making. If you’re a shoe kind of girl you’re going to want to read this! After reviewing pages online and getting my friends' votes, I’ve chosen his hottest shoes. Here are Manolo Blahnik’s 10 Hottest Shoes (In no particular order of preference) listed below...

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Manolo Blahnik Cava – Camel

Manolo Blahnik Cava – Camel Price: $ 1,495.00
These have got to be the hottest boots Manolo Blahnik has to offer! These knee high boots in suede with a tapered toe are available in camel or black. The part that makes these boots is the wrap around tie. These boots are perfect for keeping your feet warm while still stayingfashionable during the winter. Wear these with a lovely white sweater and a pair of your favorite skinny jeans. These boots are sure to make any outfit look aw-freakin'-some!


Manolo Blahnik Notte – Black

Manolo Blahnik Notte – Black Price: $ 549.00
Ooo my my! This pair by Manolo Blahnik shoes aptly named the Notte available in black or blue is bound to make more than a few people go ga ga. Theselace designed, satin trimmed, open toed shoes are super saucy. The focal point of the shoe would be the lace design and the 100mm ribbon laces. These saucy heels would be great for your favorite dancing dress. Wear these with a pretty dress on a date for maximum impact.


Manolo Blahnik Mariba New – Dark Brown

Manolo Blahnik Mariba New – Dark Brown Price: $ 779.00
Conservative yet hot. Here's presenting the Mariba New in Dark Brown or Black. These boots also feature a thicker heel then most of the other Manolo shoes for more comfort. With the rouches and the folded top they would look wonderful over any pair of jeans with any of your favorite sweaters. I love that they are so practical and would look fabulous for a winter afternoon brunchor on a day out shopping.


Manolo Blahnik Antos - Pink

Manolo Blahnik Antos - Pink Price: $ 845.00
The temperatures just soared with the Antos by Manolo Blahnik available in Pink or Silver. These watersnake skin covered shoes are unique! The snake skin even covers the dangerous 100mm heel! These shoes would look wonderful with a matching pink dress or try it with a black dressand give your feet a splash of color for some attention to your new Manolos. Don’t limit them to dresses. These unique shoes would look just as great with jeansand a fabulous top.


Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby – Silver

Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby – Silver Price: $ 715.00
With a short heel and simple design these shoes are hot, simple, romantic, and did I mention hot? Available in silver, bronze, or gold these heels are THE hottest Manolo Blahnik shoe in my opinion. With a ruched toe and oval rhinestone focal, all eyes are going to be focusing on your toes! These would look perfect at a wedding with a beautiful dress. Accessorize with jewelry to match the rhinestone focal point.


Manolo Blahnik Mogba – Black

Manolo Blahnik Mogba – Black Price: $ 619.00
Another one of Manolo Blahnik’s hottest shoes that are more practical for everyday use is the Mogba available in black. With a criss cross studded design over a pointy toe these hot booties are the answer for women who don’t like boots that go up their ankles. These allow you all the freedom of a regular shoe with the look of a boot. People say black matches anything and these would look great with just about any shirt with blue jeans or work pants.


Manolo Blahnik Mazhamar – Grey

Manolo Blahnik Mazhamar – Grey Price: $ 449.00
Ever wanted a pair of suede shoes? Manolo Blahnik offers these cozy looking suede open toed heels with a ruched toe and adjustable ankle strap. These heels are available in grey, fuschia, and black. Wear them with a cute top withjeans or a fun dress!


The Manolo Blahnik Mazhamar heels are a must-have for any fashion-forward woman. These suede open-toed heels come in three stunning colors - grey, fuschia, and black. They feature a ruched toe and adjustable ankle strap for added comfort and style. Priced at $449.00, these shoes are available at barneys.com. Perfect for both casual and dressy occasions, these heels can easily be paired with jeans or a dress. With their cozy yet chic design, they are sure to elevate any outfit. So why not add a touch of luxury to your shoe collection with the Manolo Blahnik Mazhamar heels?


Manolo Blahnik Medinamu - Lilac

Manolo Blahnik Medinamu - Lilac Price: $ 685.00
The hottest Manolo Blahnik slip heel shoe is the Medinamu which is available in Lilac, Platino Gold, Black, or Blue. The gathered web band gives it just the right amount of detail a slip heel needs. Wear these cute shoes with your favorite sun dress or skirt. These are just the perfect summer heels if you ask me! Don't forget to apply a cute blush and some lip gloss to complete the look.


Manolo Blahnik Feuillepla - Black

Manolo Blahnik Feuillepla - Black Price: $ 685.00
Your basic black pump! Manolo Blahnik hottest list of shoes has to have a classic black pump! These satin D’orsay pumps feature a taper toe that has the cutest little bow for detail. Wear these black pumps for work or with your favorite black dress and a gorgeous lipstick. Every woman should have a black pump in their closet. The bow just adds that wee bit of much needed drama.


Manolo Blahnik Bocek - Gunmetal

Manolo Blahnik Bocek - Gunmetal Price: $ 865.00
Last but not least here's presenting the Bocek in Gunmetal or Bronze. Aren't these just the hottest pair of shoes ever?! These open toed, snake skin, 115mm high heels feature button straps with silver buttons across the whole top. They would look great under the lights of your favorite club. I would wear them with a hot bondage dress. If you’re more risqué in your fashion then wear a silver top to match these shiny shoes.

You can find the 10 Hottest Manolo Blahnik shoes and more Blahnik shoes at the links provided above and in stores all over the country. Though the price is a little high the design and quality of these shoes made in Italy is worth it! Get your pair today and impress all your friends with your new found fashion sense and knowledge of couture!

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These shoes are ugly :( I can't seem to like any of them....

I like these, especially the boots (: Although I'm more of a high heel/stiletto fan even if I don't wear them. I think a lot of girls are like that too

Manolo has nothing on the Master, Louboutin

ahha sorry I don't mean to offend your selections, especially considering I'm far from fashionista status, but these shoes are very unattractive. The boots I can see if paired with the right outfit but the shoes are just too 1990s for my liking

I love the dark brown boots.

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