12 Ways to Look Hot on a First Date ...


12 Ways to Look Hot on a First Date ...
12 Ways to Look Hot on a First Date ...

So you’ve found a man you like, and you’ve arranged a date. That’s supposed to mean the hard part is over, right? But really, it’s just beginning. What do you wear to give the right impression? Sexy, but not easy? After all, first date impressions are very important... Here are my top twelve ways to make sure you look amazing!

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New Underwear...

First things first, go buy some new underwear! Find something sexy, in your favourite colour, and make sure it looks amazing. Whether its balconette, cut out, push up, suspenders... whatever makes you feel sexy. Now your underwear is sorted! Having sexy underwear is the start of a confident, hot outfit, and will give you a much sexier persona, even if you are the only one who knows you are wearing them.


Dress for Your Shape...

You know what suits you best, so dig around in your wardrobe for your most flattering outfit. Then, go find an updated version of it. If you aren’t sure, go to a department store and ask them to help you dress for your shape. Try to avoid stereotypical outfits, such as little black dresses, unless you find one that actually makes you look amazing... what you wear is important, so take some time hunting it out.



Book yourself into your favourite salon, even if it’s just for a blow dry. Ask the stylist for advice on how to do your hair, and pay attention to what they are doing. This will allow you to pick up some tips, and make you feel confident and sexy. Perfect!


Location, Location, Location...

Remember where you are going. While fly away hair and a pretty spring dress might knock him dead on a picnic, in a bowling alley you’ll feel stupid. If you don’t know where you’re going, ask him what you should wear.


Brush Your Teeth!

Don’t forget the essentials! Make sure you have good dental hygiene, and your minty fresh breath and sexy smile will boost your confidence, and will leave him wanting a kiss... remember to avoid bright lipsticks if you can, while they might look amazing on you, it won’t look half as good on him!


Practice Walking Straight!

Slouching will instantly add a stone, so start practicing walking with your back straight, and really try to stop slouching. Not only is it much better for your back, it’s also very flattering, and it’ll boost your confidence every time you look in a mirror, too!


Don’t Buy Everything New

Got a belt you love, or some favourite earrings? Adding some of your own personality to an outfit isn’t a bad thing, but make sure you don’t wear something given to you by an ex! Chances are that your date will notice and compliment you, and if he asks where you got it from, you could make the date very awkward...


Drink Water!

You can’t lose weight in 24 hours, and you shouldn’t try to. Starving yourself is just silly, and if you pass out, your date will be over! Instead drink plenty of water, and avoid bloating foods such as salt. The water will leave you feeling fuller, and will clear your skin, too.


Take a Bath!

Try to leave enough time to allow you to have a luxurious soak in the bath, and really enjoy yourself. Use your favourite bath products, and take some time to make yourself feel relaxed, confident and happy. You’ll get your night off to a much better start then trying to get changed in a cubicle at work!


Make up!

You don’t want to cover up your looks, but instead accentuate them and give yourself some confidence. Use a high quality moisturizer, and try to avoid foundation and concealer unless you really need them. Then stick to dark eye shadows that highlight the eyes, and a pretty lipgloss. Remember, he already thinks you are gorgeous!


Be Confident!

So you’ve dressed to impress, and to give yourself maximum confidence. Now make sure you show it! Respect yourself, and remember that you are unique. Be who you are and have fun!



Enjoying yourself is the main thing, so make sure you are smiling and having fun. Whether you never see him again or he becomes your husband, don’t waste the evening. Get to know him, let him get to know you and have fun together. You are only young once!

Remember that as long as you look good and have fun, the night can’t be a failure! I spent hours planning my outfit for the first date with my partner, only for it all to fall apart and I ended up meeting him in dungarees, messy hair and with 3 babies in tow. Still, it worked! Have you got any funny first date stories, or tips on what to wear? Please share them with me!

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I like advice #1. Wearing new underwear is all about how you feel.

I think you just have to be yourself. I mean, if the guy likes you for your looks only, it's not worth a try with him. I don't think dating someone is all on the phyisical apperence, that's kinda superficial.

Tavia...niece clarification about the underwear..lol...good job! I would also add that you should be a very good listener and observer, to be able to get to know him better, and to maybe decide on date #2.

The thing with the new underwear is always recommended but I don't think the guy will get to see it on the first date. This is just for yourself :)

Great article! Totally agree

All good pointers. I think when you look at the mirror and like what you see, you automatically feel better and walk better. The confidence sorta shines through! Rose, thanks for the funny quote. It's so true! :)

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