12 Tips on How to Date Younger Men ...


12 Tips on How to Date Younger Men ...
12 Tips on How to Date Younger Men ...

My friends accuse me of being a cougar because I’m in my late thirties, and I date men in their early twenties. But there is something to be said for dating a younger guy. They tend to be more active, more virile, more fun. If you’re an aspiring cougar, here are some tips for landing a younger guy.

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Know Where to Look

Younger guys aren’t hanging out at the same places as older guys, so know where to prowl!


Be Realistic

Don’t expect a younger man to act like an older man. They’re just too different.


Don’t Mother Him

The last thing a younger guy wants is for you to act like his mother. Feel free to give him a little advice now and then, but let him take care of himself!


Keep It Light

Younger men date older women because we’re fun. So keep it light! Don’t bore him or scare him with details of your best friend’s husband’s prostate cancer or your sister’s depleted 401(k)!


Be Yourself

Don’t pretend to be something you’re not. And don’t EVER lie about your age!


Have Fun!

Younger men can be fun, so live a little! Hit the dance floor, go rock-climbing, go to a concert, cheer on your favorite sports team with him.


Take Care of Yourself

No-one, young or old, wants to date a woman who’s a wreck. Take care of yourself! Make sure you get enough sleep, exercise, and eat well.


Watch Your Wardrobe

Don’t ever wear anything that was only designed for the truly young person. It might be in style for someone who’s twenty, but it just won’t look the same on you. It will actually make you look older!


Be Flexible

Younger guys like to be spontaneous, and won’t always give you plenty of warning before wanting to take you out, so be flexible.


Teach Him

My only complaint with younger men is that they don’t know as much about a woman’s body as older men. Be bold and teach him! It’s fun!


Let Him Take Charge

You might be tempted to always be in charge, but no man likes that all the time. Let him take charge once in a while.


The Family

Don’t expect his parents to like you, and don't be surprised if your children don't approve of him.

Younger guys can be a lot of fun! Look at Demi and Ashton!

Do you have any ideas where to meet a younger guy, or have any stories or suggestions to share?

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Sheila, Come on! You're still young and prettly like a doll :) We still have a long life ahead of us :) When will your Birthday be??

Sheila, Hehe some of the young guys are pretty irresistable e?!! :P You're 23 years e? In your picture I would have given you 20!! You seem younger so don't start that up now!! :)

lol yeah the kids will almost never like the situation, and his parents will hate it! I'm only 22, I dated a guy that was ONLY a year younger than me and noticed a HUGE difference that I didnt like. So i will stick with the ones that are older than me lol 4+ years please :]

Sheila, That's true. Age is something we have to cope with cause we can't stop time. But how you feel inside is what counts. We have to keep a young spirit inside and out even if we age to fast! But you're speaking like an old lady :P You're still terribly young love. And we have to enjoy those years till the count!

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