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11 Ways to Attract Delicious Men ...

By Kristine

Ah, men. As a member of the female population, I adore them so much. Trust me, having men flock to you at occasions and events can really boost your self esteem. I decided to compile my personal list of how to attract not random guys, but the most delicious men out there.

1 Smell Good

I hate to break it to you, ladies, but guys can’t smell our personalities. Attraction is instinctual. Smell is one of the most primitive senses both men and women. Use this info to your best advantage.

2 Be Megan Fox, Not Paris Hilton

Megan Fox’s appeal derives from being a symbol of pure sex. She’s gorgeous, dresses well, and…well, that’s about it. Megan represents sex without explicitly flaunting it, and guys want her. On the other hand, Paris Hilton has been road hard and put away wet. Tabloid escapades, sex tapes, and disposable men make you look slutty rather than sexy. Don’t label yourself as a woman of impudent excess. It’s demeaning and unhealthy for your hoo-ha.

3 Know What a Wookie is

From my experience, guys hold a special place in their hearts for some sort of fantastical escapism like Star Wars. Respect that. Don’t insult what they hold in high regard. How would you feel if a guy told you that The Notebook meant nothing because it was fantasy?

Meream had me laughing hard! :D...

4 Respect Men in Tights

Guys love athletics. The guys that I’m attracted to are usually fanatical about sports. Don’t undermine what they enjoy and don’t try to change them! It’s just a sport!

5 Do NOT Talk about Lady Problems…period

Talking about surfing the crimson wave is verbal repellant to guys. This is uncomfortable subject matter for guys. In fact, when I’m on a bad date with a total loser, I can easily end the date when I mention my period. It works every time...and I got a free dinner!

6 Inspire Confidence

Attraction for guys is instinctual. Do you think a frumpy sweater will land his eye? No. Dress your best. You’ll feel good about yourself, and guys flock to that.

7 Eat Food

From the guys that I’ve liked, most tend to love their meat. Do you think Ryan Kwanten got those beefcake pecs and delicious abs from a stem of broccoli? NO! Beef. It’s what’s for dinner. If you are a vegetarian, that’s fine. Just don’t starve yourself. Anorexia is unhealthy and grotesque to watch.

8 Boobies

If you want to attract a guy, don’t hesitate to flaunt what assets you’ve got. I shall warn you not to overdo this one…especially with drunks.

9 Smile

Many guy friends tell me that they are intimidated by gorgeous girls who don’t smile. Get some Crest White Strips and show him those lovely pearls.

10 Be True to the Truth

If a guy’s not digging you, move on. Even if he only wants to remain friends, just shrug and look elsewhere. Always hold yourself in high regards, especially with a beefcake you barely know!

11 Inspire a Chase

Be chased and don’t chase the guy to the point of suffocation. Enjoy the thrill. He’ll most likely want you more. If he just ditches you early, then he’s just a Don Juan following his pecker. Trust me. It’s best for your well-being to avoid those men.

Ladies, enjoy the dating scene. Look lovely, be lovely, and, most importantly, have fun. The ideal guy might not run to you on hand and knee with delicious abs and a bouquet of roses. However, just have fun and keep a happy face!

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