7 Reasons to Become Vegetarian ...

So many celebrities are vegetarian, like Milo Ventimiglia, Kellie Pickler, and Kristen Bell. They don’t fit the old-fashioned stereo-type of a vegetarian — a pale, granola-munching old hippie who wears hemp clothing and lives in an old RV in the woods. They’re young, hip, gorgeous… and so are a lot of non-celebrity vegetarians! Aside from looking great, though, there are so many reasons to become vegetarian… and here are a few…

1. Lower Your Carbon Footprint

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So much of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere aren’t caused by cars of factories, they’re caused by the release of methane gas from huge, overcrowded feed lots, where we get most of our meat from. If you stop eating meat, then, you’ll automatically reduce your carbon footprint… cool!

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