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So many celebrities are vegetarian, like Milo Ventimiglia, Kellie Pickler, and Kristen Bell. They don’t fit the old-fashioned stereo-type of a vegetarian — a pale, granola-munching old hippie who wears hemp clothing and lives in an old RV in the woods. They’re young, hip, gorgeous… and so are a lot of non-celebrity vegetarians! Aside from looking great, though, there are so many reasons to become vegetarian… and here are a few…

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Lower Your Carbon Footprint

Lower Your Carbon Footprint Photo Credit: fruitfulharvest1983

So much of the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere aren’t caused by cars of factories, they’re caused by the release of methane gas from huge, overcrowded feed lots, where we get most of our meat from. If you stop eating meat, then, you’ll automatically reduce your carbon footprint… cool!


Be Less Cruel to Animals

Be Less Cruel to Animals Photo Credit: dutchmetal

Many people believe that all lives are equal, or that human lives aren’t the only ones that are important. Many vegetarians first stopped eating meat when they realized that in most cases, the animals we eat are treated very cruelly from the time they’re born (or hatched) until they’re slaughtered.


Lower Your Risk of Food-borne Illnesses

Lower Your Risk of Food-borne Illnesses Photo Credit: gwhiteway (little time)

How many outbreaks of food poisoning have been linked to meat compared to non-meat food items? Very few. Most deadly food poisoning episodes come from tainted meat, and very few of them are ever linked to the other foods we eat.


Lower Your Cholesterol

Lower Your Cholesterol Photo Credit: JenniPenni

Vegetarian diets, even those with dairy and eggs, contain much lower cholesterol and saturated fats than those of meat-based diets. That means that vegetarians have much lower cholesterol numbers, and thus lower rates of heart disease.


Lower Your Risk of Cancer

Lower Your Risk of Cancer Photo Credit: pauly...

Dozens of studies around the world have shown that people who don’t eat meat have far fewer incidences of cancer, especially prostate, bladder, ovarian and colon cancers. Not only are the incidences far fewer, so are the fatalities!


Save Some Money

Save Some Money Photo Credit: JennKstep

Let’s face it — good, safe cuts of meat are very, very pricey, far more expensive than even the most exotic organic fruits, vegetables, and other vegetarian foods available. So if you stop eating meat, you’ll end up saving a lot on your food budget… maybe even enough for a new pair of shoes or a new handbag!


Maybe Raise Your IQ?

Maybe Raise Your IQ? Many famous philosophers and scientists were or are vegetarian, including legendary brainiacs Albert Einstein, Pythagoras (of the mathematical theorem), Socrates, Charles Darwin, Sir Isaac Newton, Thomas Edison, and Leonardo de Vinci. Does eating a vegetarian diet contribute to a higher IQ? Maybe…

As kind of a bonus, let me also point out that vegetarian food is delicious! You’re not just limited to rubbery, tasteless tofu or apples and broccoli… there are so many cookbooks and websites devoted to vegetarian diets, there’s always something tasty and nutritious to prepare! Are you a vegetarian? Why did you become one? Have you seen any health benefits? Please let me know!

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Your risk of food borne illnesses is no different than eating some lettuce or tomato’s that have e coli on them. The risk is still just as bad, either way if you're going to go the food borne illness route. I became a vegetarian because of health reasons. I have lost 25 pounds in 2 months the healthy way by working out and watching what I eat. I drink about 64 ounces of water every day (I also work out 2-3 times a day so whatever is going in just comes right back out). I eat veggies and fruits like their going out of style, I eat soy meats, or fo-meat for dinner, and drink Soy chocolate milk and reg Soy milk. I love animals and would never think of hurting one on purpose but, honestly, it is a secondary reason to quitting meat and dairy next to just wanting to get healthy. Meat, and dairy has so much fat in it, the amount of pesticides and hormones in our meat and dairy is totally secondary to the amount of fat they have. Oh wait, sorry, let’s be politically correct here and refer to it by its social name “proteins”. There is protein in EVERYTHING. Veggies, soy, fruits, seeds, and nuts without having to revert to killing an innocent animal and consuming it because we’ve been bred to think that just what you have to do to stay healthy. Now, on the other hand, I occasionally will eat chicken only because it tastes good. I’ve been a meat eater since I could eat foods that didn’t require to be blended and I am just human. I will refuse to drink dairy milk though, organic or not. Too much fat and you don’t know how that stuff is processed in the factories. It’s scary to think about. Thank you for the tips though, I think more people should get off the grid and cut the social ties that bind our fat butts together. .

Vegetarian for 10 years, vegan for 3. I love me some veggies (nuts, grains, fruits, beans, and legumes too!)

Yay Veggies c:

Love it! I've been a vegetarian or 4 and a half years, and it has been awesome! I have really enjoyed it, and I feel in peace with me and with the environment because I know I'm making something for this world... i'm taking care of the Earth, I'm not poisoning myself, I feel in peace! and that's so great! Go veg people!! At the beggining it may be hard, but then it gets really easy.. and, by the way, you learn to cook amazing and different stuff!!

Those are good reasons.. but I just love my meat too much!

Although I am definately an advocate of environmental consiousness and decreasing greenhouse gases, reason #1 is somewhat arguable. Although large quantities of methane are produced by cows, sheep, and pigs, there are and plenty of animals that are not on that list. This also would mean we should stop consuming all dairly products since most comes from these same animals. Rice paddies also produce large quantities of methane, so with this reasoning we should also stop eating rice.

i like vegtables it is justy i dont like beans and soup... could i survive as a vegatarian? my sister is in collage and is a vegan but i was wonderign will it also help me lose weight?

can you lose weight by being vegetarian?

I want to join because so far what I seen for information I liked alot

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