7 Reasons to Try Maqui Berry ...


7 Reasons to Try Maqui Berry ...
7 Reasons to Try Maqui Berry ...

Rachel Ray loves it, nutritionists can believe its effects, and diet plans are suffering radical changes because of it. Yes, there is a new super fruit in town – maqui berry! This little purple berry charges your body with so many antioxidants and nutrients that you instantly feel and look better and healthier. Here are 7 reasons to try maqui berry...

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Better Skin, Hair and Nails

This super berry is said to do wonders for our skin, hair and nails. Hurray for that! I know this may sound depressing but no amount of fancy, over priced skin caviar will help you if your body is sick on the inside. I’m talking about all those toxins we eat and breathe every day… they keep piling up in our bodies so no wonder our hair is dull and our nails break. We need a good cleanser, ladies, and I’m not talking about regular beauty products!


Better and Faster Weight Loss

Clinical tests really proved this amazing berry can significantly help the weight loss process. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not a magical potion so merely buying the bottle and staring at it won’t do much. Exercise and a moderate diet are (unfortunately) required for it to work properly. The good news is that you will get to see the results much faster because antioxidants maqui berry contains speed up your metabolism and nutrients give you more energy and make you feel less hungry. Honestly, I especially like this last part because all diet makes me want to do is EAT.


General Health

I know there are a lot of ladies out there that, like me, suffer from low pressure, chronic fatigue and even occasional dizziness. Now, would it be wrong to wish for just one hot summer when we can just play beach volley all day without feeling light-headed? I’m really doing my best to eat right but sometimes I just wish I had a magic pill. Now, maqui berry juice really made me feel energetic but I can’t carry a whole bottle around with me. So, I’m deliberating pills… any suggestions?



This is my favorite part! Just imagine having the power to turn the clock around and look amazing without having to do any surgeries. Remember how everybody went crazy about acai berry when it first came out? It was all about those antioxidants because they are the ones that help our bodies fight the toxins and dispose of them fast. Being able to force out the toxins before they can make damage keeps the body young and strong and keeps you looking your best. Now, scientific researches proved that maqui has two times more antioxidants then acai berry and even four, six, eight and ten times more than regular fruits and vegetables. Need any more pros? I don’t!


Great Taste

I really envy the lucky ones living in South America because they can try this little berry in its raw form. I never have and probably never will but I have to admit that maqui berry juice tastes so great, I’d definitely drink it even if it had no positive effects whatsoever. You can even get maqui berry flavored jams and ice creams or get it dried or powdered and bake your own goodies. Now that is one useful little berry!


Bye, Bye Cigarettes

Apparently, fighting nicotine addiction is much easier with this berry. And it has a lot to do with antioxidants. Did I mention “antioxidants” too often? Well, it’s not my fault maqui has so much of them! No need to explain that nicotine is basically a drug and all of the symptoms people usually experience when trying to break that addiction are, simply put, just desperate attempts of the drug to try to stay in your body. If you cave in, nicotine wins. Now, since maqui berry really speeds up the metabolism and nurtures the body from the inside, the usual symptoms can be significantly reduced. You can say no and successfully become a non-smoker. Bravo to that!


No Side Effects

I saved the best for last! So, guess what? Maqui has no harmful effects! Yup, no hi-tech, genetically modified mumbo-jumbo, it’s just a fruit. Scientists have poked it, checked its every atom and then poked it some more… and it remained just a fruit.

So what do you think about this little, magical berry? Have you tried it? I’m still thinking about the pills so I would definitely appreciate some advice, info or firsthand experiences... please share!

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