13 Tips for Guys on How to Attract Hot Women ...


13 Tips for Guys on How to Attract Hot Women ...
13 Tips for Guys on How to Attract Hot Women ...

If you’re a guy, chances are, you want to know how to attract a woman. A HOT woman. What can you do to attract a woman like that? Here are some things that celebrity hotties find appealing.

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Be Articulate

In an interview with Elle, actress Megan Fox says she likes older men because they’re articulate, because they can hold a conversation. Make sure you can, too.


Be Brave, Bold

Actress and humanitarian Angelina Jolie is attracted to men who are “adventurous, courageous, and independent.” So don’t be a mama’s boy! Get out there and be brave, be bold!


Be Musical

Actress and hottie Scarlett Johanssen is attracted to men who can sing or play music, and are passionate about it. So get your friends together, grab your guitar, and start a band!


Be a Little Mysterious

Actress Jessica Biel is attracted to a little mystery. What girl isn’t? So don’t let us know everything all at once. Let us do some digging!


Be Intelligent

Jessica Alba is into men who are intelligent. Be well-rounded, well-read. Pay attention to current events and don’t be afraid to let us know how smart you are.


Be Funny

Jenny McCarthy fell for Jim Carrey for the same reason we all did — he made her laugh. So show us your sense of humor, make us smile, and make us laugh! Hot women need to have fun, too!


Be Careful with Your Wardrobe

Actress Kiera Knightley is attracted to men who wear good shoes. Yes, we women pay attention to details like that! So make sure to pay attention to your wardrobe. And once your shoes are outdated or worn out, donate them or throw them away.


Be Clever

Eva Mendes likes men who are clever. That means you have to be funny and smart, and not be afraid to show it.


Stay Ahead of the Curve

Songstress Nellie Furtado is reportedly attracted to anything fresh and cutting edge, in both men and women. So don’t be afraid to try something new. Don’t settle for being the same as everyone else. Be yourself, and play up what makes you unique.


Be Sincere

No one, especially hot women, like to feel like they’re being lied to. Pay compliments when they’re appropriate, but be sincere. We can tell when you’re trying to butter us up.


Be a Hottie Yourself, if You Can Help It

All women want to date a man who is attractive, so take care of your physical appearance, too. Know what looks good on you, and what doesn’t. Keep your style current and for goodness’ sake, keep your hair cut neatly!


Be Kind-hearted

No matter how hot Brad Pitt is, we know a big part of the reason Angelina fell for him is because of his involvement in humanitarian issues. So find an issue that means something to you, something you’re passionate about, and get involved. Volunteer your time, don’t just write a check. Women love to see commitment of that kind.


Be a Man

Women love men! So don’t be a wimp. Be prepared to open pickle jars and to use a hammer and to fix a car. Show us a little muscle, but don’t over-do it.

So there you have it! So many ways to attract a hot woman! Try them out. And for you hotties out there, what do you find attractive in a man? And guys, how do you attract a hot woman? Do share!

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As a man. This was by far THE most confusing post ever. Ladies, make up your mind, you want me to be a dandy, a caveman OR one of you. Men are not really known to be multitasking kinds leave alone being smart. Correct me if am wrong, so basically a well dressed caveman who is roll-your-eyes-behind-your-head great in bed and is going to win the Nobel prize and makes his speech into a stand up act? If yes! Then can somebody please explain to me why I have been attracting shallow women??? ps:(Me mommy told me never to say the four letter S word AND the 5 letter B word for women...It's bad manners) pps: She din't say anything about Shallow women. ppps: Just want to confirm I said S.H.A.L.L.O.W not swallow women. pppps: Those are great.

This post made me laugh!! Thanks Jen!! All of you guys out there, read and please us ;) !! For me a man has to be not only my boyfriend but my best friend too! I need to feel that protection when he's around. Most importantly he has to like my likings and make me laugh a lot cause me, I'm always with a smile on my face! :) Also kind hearted and knows how to keep an intelligent conversation!

It's so difficult to find those type of guys now a days Sheila! Yes, and great Sex is fundamental in a realtion ship! This point should be added in the list! :)

im attracted to guys who are a little aggressive...arghhh

this made me giggle xxxxx

The mystery part works everytime and to be clever helps also :)

This is very true.. I'd like someone that I can chitchat with about ANYTHING.. they cant be uptight.. have to have goals... mmhmm :]

Hey girls, I need some advices. There is a girl in my university, who it isn't just a girl it's the girl. And I think she likes me because we have good eye contact and when she sees me, she smiles broadly and we say hi everytime we see each other. The problem is that i freeze. A few days ago i tried to speak to her, I asked her why was she missing classes, and I was going to say that classes are not interesting for me anymore, but our professor was right behind me. And now i think she thinks Im a jerk that was trying to cause some confusion with the professor. plz help

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