10 Unique Ways for a Guy to Propose ...


10 Unique Ways for a Guy to Propose ...
10 Unique Ways for a Guy to Propose ...

Proposing is definitely a big deal and I understand that many guys out there are not so creative, so I have decided to write a post and dedicate it to all of those guys who need a unique way to propose to the love of their life! So, what tips do I have up my sleeve? Bring out the engagement ring and let's get going!

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Put the Ring around Your Dog

I always liked this one. If you and/or your girl have a pet dog, put the engagement ring on the dog’s collar. Keep a close watch on the dog when he/she has that ring around the collar. You wouldn’t want it to get lost. Capture the look on your girlfriend's (hopefully soon to be fiancé's) face as she finds the ring! This of course could be done with another animal as well. Maybe he/she could also be the ring bearer at your wedding!


Rent a Billboard Sign

Rent a billboard sign just for that special occasion and drive past it when the both of you are together. There are companies that offer billboards throughout America. Also, check the Yellow Pages for billboard advertising companies. Yes, it's a little over the top but anything to show her you love her right?


Put Your Proposal up There with the Ads before a Movie

This is called sweet advertising baby! Take your girl to go see the show early so that she will not miss it. And just to make sure she doesn't have the slightest idea, pick either a zombie movie or an action packed one. You can do this by contacting the local theater for advertising information. Imagine the look on her face when she reads this!


Have a Plane Carry a Banner

I know this one has been done so many times before, but chances are, it has never been done for your girl. Make sure you do this on a clear day and plan a romantic date in the outdoors. Contact local companies to set this up.


Put an Ad in the Paper

This is very easy to do and it is not expensive at all. You can easily place your ad in the local paper. Put something such as this: “Seeking a single female named (insert her name) who would like to spend the rest of her life with me.” I can almost see her drop her morning coffee as she screams with joy!


Paint Your Proposal on Your Roof

How the heck is she going to see the proposal on your roof if she never goes up on the roof? Well, that is simple, take her flying over it! You do not have to paint it, you could always try laying bricks up there and spelling it out. Chalk may also work. Either way, this is one proposal she'll never forget!


This One Involves a Beach

Take some candles (they should be bulk candles in a steel case like votives) and place them on the sand. Create the words “Will you marry me” in big letters. Light them up and have someone watch over them to make sure they do not burn out and to be safe. Take your girl for a walk. She will be surprised to see those words glowing in the dark. As soon as she notices them, go down on your knee with the engagement ring.


Dinner and a Movie with Technical Difficulties

Take your date out for dinner and a movie. When you are in the middle of the movie, arrange it so that the staff stops the movie and announces that they have been having technical difficulties and everyone should remain seated. Have them show a slide show of the two of you together as they play your song. At the end of the show, have a video clip of you asking her to marry you. A sure shot way to prove you can be a romantic when it matters!


Horses on a Track

Arrange for four horses to ride by that have the words “Will You Marry Me” written on their saddle cloths. Each one of the horses should have a different word printed on the cloth. Horses are gorgeous and I can only imagine how breathtaking the sight will be!


Crop Circle

Who said crop circles were only for scary movies? Use it for your unique proposal. In a cornfield, cut the words “marry me” and fly over the field with her. Make sure you have the permission of the owner of the field first! If you have your own cornfield, then you are in luck!

Those are 10 unique ways to propose to a girl. What do you think about this? Hopefully, after you have gone through all of this trouble, she is going to say yes to you. If not, then well… you have practice for the next time. What about you girls? Has a guy ever proposed to you in such a unique, romantic way that you couldn't help but say yes?

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number 3 made my day<3.

Melanie =] .. I'm seriously your biggest fan, I wait for your topics every day =] .. This one is beyond perfection <3 but what I liked the most is no.3 .. I would be over the moon if that how he will propose ;] .. Keep rocking you shining star =]

Oooooo what wonderful ideas you gave Melanie. I'm going to send this post to my boyfriend ASAP!! Although we know we're getting married and there are plans on the way, a proposition like this one would be great. I love the dog idea and the billboard sign! :)

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