7 Creative Ways to Say I Love You ...


7 Creative Ways to Say I Love You ...
7 Creative Ways to Say I Love You ...

While sending a card and sweet whispers in the ear are always welcome and wanted, you can let your honey knowhow much you love him in more creative ways that will make him respond right away! Are you looking for fun ways to express your passion? Below are some fun ideas to re-ignite those sparks!

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Make a Really Large Card

Make a Really Large Card Photo Credit: ly wylde

Make a huge card out of a cardboard box. Go really big with a refrigerator box. Color it, paint it, glue pictures to it. Cut the back out. Set it by the front door and when he comes home, slip inside the box as he is unlocking the door. Don't forget to put on your sexiest lingerie!


Turn off the TV

Turn off the TV Photo Credit: jeff_golden

Put a note on the TV screen that says, “Turn me on tonight!” When posed with the choice of the screen, or you, his decision will not be hard to make!


Warm Him up

Warm Him up Photo Credit: Kathy Froilan

Warm his towel in the dryer while he is in the shower. This is such a small gesture, but so thoughtful! Guaranteed to warm him up! Better still,run a bath for him and join him!


Wake Him up

Wake Him up Photo Credit: freehand sketching {vera}

Bring him some delicious breakfast in bed. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It probably will not be eaten, or will require a warm up. Clothing is optional.


Learn How to Paint

Learn How to Paint Photo Credit: ĸ ο ο ĸ

Get an old sheet and spray paint it with graffiti and “I love you” symbols. Hang it up on the front porch in front of the door.


Buy Some New Candles

Buy Some New Candles Photo Credit: Ryan Brenizer

Throw your breaker switch and pretend your electricity is out. Get out the candles and start a fire, then cuddle together. (No TV, no computer, turn off the cell). Sounds like such a romantic datedoesn't it? Did you know the birth rate always rises 9 months after major power outages?


Write It down

Write It down Photo Credit: Serendipity's Friends

Write him a long, sultrylove letter. Spray it with theperfume he gave you for Valentine's Day and seal it with a bright red kiss. Mail it to him at his work address. Maybe he’ll come home early!

Which of these ideas do you like? Please, leave me a note. Tell me how he reacted after you followed through... juicy details, please!

Top Photo Credit: Andrew Jalali

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Write it down always surprises them, as does the breakfast in bed. We usually go out for breakfast, after breakfast, you know?

When I skimmed across 'Wake Him Up' I thought of a different method my boyfriend prefers me to use. But breakfast is good too.

Great idead1 -Angelina.

I love the Write it down idea. HE would love that. Thanks for the idea!

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