15 Tips for Dating a Shy Guy ...

By Kati

You’ve found the perfect man, flirted to perfection and now you have a date. Sounds perfect, so what’s the problem? He’s shy! Shy guys might be cute and endearing, but on a date, it can lead to awkward silences and tension. There are ways to cope with this shyness, though! Here are my top ten tips for dating a shy guy.

1 Spend Time as Friends

Spend Time as Friends Shy men are often loud and confident with their friends, but find girlfriends intimidating and can’t help getting shy! Spend time together doing friend things, and not only will you get to know him but he’ll learn to drop his guard, too.

2 Talk to Him

Talk to Him Ask him questions. Tell him about your day. Talk about your pets, your family, your favourite place. Talking to him will encourage him to open up, without feeling like he is being interrogated. Do most of the talking, but let him talk, and ask questions.

3 Read His Body Language

Read His Body Language If he isn’t saying how he feels, look for it. Does he look like he wants to speak; is he making continuous eye contact, does he look bored? What he is doing will usually portray what he is thinking, so read it carefully. It’s your secret weapon!

4 Remember Things

Remember Things Commit important details to memory. The name of his mum, his favourite colour, the name of his dog... it’ll make you feel more involved in the conversation if you know exactly who he is referring too, and he’ll feel like he’s known you forever.

5 Tell Him about You

Tell Him about You Talk about yourself. Show him you can be trusted by telling him your secrets, and all the little details about you. He’ll feel more comfortable when he knows who you are, and you’ll soon be rid of a shy guy and have your own confident hero!

6 Be Careful with What He Tells You

Be Careful with What He Tells You If he confides in you, however small, keep it to yourself. While it might feel good telling a few close friends, and you’ll be thrilled at getting him to open up, if you violate his trust he’ll never trust you again.

7 Arrange Dates

Arrange Dates Arrange dates with him, so you won’t be waiting for him to get the confidence to call and arrange a second. Try going to the cinema, so he doesn’t have to talk so much, and save picnics and that sort of thing for when he’s opened up a little more.

8 Be Encouraging

Be Encouraging Look at him while he is talking, and pay full attention to what he has to say. Shy guys find it hard to talk already, so if you make him feel like what he is saying is worthless, he’ll get even quieter. Make eye contact, and avoid distractions like your cell phone.

9 Introduce Him to Family and Friends Carefully

Introduce Him to Family and Friends Carefully Take your time with this, and think about it. Keep loud people to last, and anyone who is likely to make jokes. Warn the people beforehand that he is shy, and ask them to be nice. Most people have felt shy, and will immediately understand!

10 Ways To Seduce Your Man …

10 Flirt

Flirt Just because he is shy, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t look good. Be confident, happy and flirty, and show him exactly why you are worth the effort. You won’t regret it! There’s nothing that brings a shy guy out of his shell more than a flirty girl.

11 Understand His Nervousness

Understand His Nervousness Of course, dating a shy guy can get really frustrating sometimes, but you’ve got to make sure that you understand his nervousness and some of the behavioral acts that he has. If he doesn’t immediately make plans with you, don’t take it personal, it’s because he’s nervous!

12 Don’t Pressure Him

Don’t Pressure Him Pressure is just going to put your shy guy right back into his shell, so make sure that you don’t pressure him to be someone he isn’t. If you are dating him, you are most likely dating him for him, not because of how confident he is. Remember that!

13 Figure out His Comfort Zone

Figure out His Comfort Zone Just like he has to figure out your comfort zone, you’ve got to figure out his comfort zone too! That means that you’ve got to work at finding out what makes your shy man tick and where he is most comfortable. Give it a try and see how easy it is to date a shy guy!

14 Make Him Feel as Comfortable as Possible

Make Him Feel as Comfortable as Possible Making him comfortable should be something that should be a high priority, after all, he is the shy one and you are the outgoing one. Make sure that the things you do aren’t outside of his comfort zone and are things that you both like to do.

15 It’s Worth the Investment, Remember That

It’s Worth the Investment, Remember That Finally, while it might be harder to date someone that is a little shier than you, it is worth the investment! Shy guys are beautiful people and they are oh-so-sweet, so remember, when you are dating a shy guy, it’s worth the extra time it takes to coax him out of his shell!

Once he’s out of his shell, he’ll be more confident than shy, and you’ll have a dream relationship! Just remember that shyness is a natural defense, and be nice. He is trying! Have you got a tip on dating a shy guy? Please share it with me!

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