17 Ways to Let Someone Know You like Them ...


17 Ways to Let Someone Know You like Them ...
17 Ways to Let Someone Know You like Them ...

So you’ve found that cute guy, made eye contact and suddenly do your make up before you get on the train...It’s time to let him know you like him! You don’t have to risk embarrassment by telling him how you feel directly, instead here are my top ten ways to subtly show him you like him...

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Make Eye Contact and Smile!

Not only will smiling show that you are friendly and fun, it’ll also get him wondering what you’re smiling about! Catch his eye, count to three and look away. This will create an intimate bond between you, and he’ll soon be wondering how he can make you smile. Just be careful not to stare! There's a whole art of flirting with your eyes. Practice at home in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eye, close your eyes and then turn your gaze away slowly moving your head to the side. Or vice versa, looking somewhere in the distance, close your eyes and open them looking directly in the eye of the other person (or yourself, when practicing). Do it slowly. It's a very sexy move, so it'll definitely catch his attention.


Touch Him!

Brush against him while getting on the train, touch his arm when you’re talking to him...find ways to touch him while you are talking. This is another way to create an instant bond, and it makes you seem much more friendly! Make sure your touches are light and soft, and he won’t be able to think about anything else...

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Remember Things!

So he told you his mum’s name, what he’s got her for Christmas and when his dog’s birthday is. Remember this! You can then drop it into conversation, and he’ll be flattered that you remember, and instantly closer to you. Share in his life! The more he opens up to you, the closer to you he will feel. But make sure you do not get stuck in the friend zone. Once he starts telling you about his girl problems, it might be time to let him know you want to be more than friends in a less secluded way.

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Ask Him Things!

Where is his favourite restaurant? What team does he support? Who would he love to see play live? Not only can you find things you have in common, and possibly arrange a date, you’ll have all the information you need to get the most amazing presents. And you know what they say, people simply enjoy when other people want to know more about them, ask them questions. It makes them feel good. So why not to use this little trick on your sweetheart?

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Laugh at his fluffy hair, or him having coffee round his mouth...it may be childish, but it works! Tease him gently, and he’ll find you endearing, and want revenge. My best friend met her boyfriend by teasing him about almost missing the plane, he tickled her back and by the end of the flight it was love... Oh, teasing, when done right, it can do miracles! So many couples started like that, you have no idea! So why not you?

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Give Him Your Full Attention!

It is often really hard for men to realize when we are interested, so you have to give him as many hints as possible. When you are talking to him, give him your full attention. Don’t text, and maintain eye contact. Laugh at anything that’s funny, and make sure you’re listening so you can comment back. As well as being subconsciously flattering, he’ll feel close to you, and he’ll eventually realize you like talking to him.

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Meet His Friends!

Getting involved in his life will make the transition from friend to girlfriend especially easy, so meet his friends if you can, and charm them all. But make sure you act slightly differently to him, or he might just think you’re a flirt, and not realize that you like him! Ever so often, look at him. And even when someone else is talking, look up at your special someone, so that they know that you are definitely interested in them. Trying to be close is another way to show that you like the person.

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Look Good!

While you don’t want to seem vain, make sure you’re looking good when you see him. Enhance your natural features and smile alot, and you can be sure that he’ll think you’re beautiful. I know there are many girls who object to wearing makeup, but well done hair and a bit of skillfully applied mascara, foundation and lip gloss go a long way. As do the smoothness of your skin and the smell of a nice perfume. Make sure your nails and toe nails are in check and use some hand cream to make your skin irresistible to his touch.

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This one is important. You’re looking great, you’re talking to him and touching him...do it with confidence! Being confident instantly makes you come across as sexy and fun, and he’ll find it irresistible. If you aren’t a confident person, fake it! It’ll come naturally once you’ve practised a few times. Some people confuse rudeness with confidence. So what I really mean here - is walking and sitting up straight, smiling nicely, talking in a relaxed confident tone - not too loud yet not too quiet. Practice a bit in front of the mirror and you'll see what I mean. Or just imagine you are your favorite celebrity (for me it's Monica Bellucci and Gisele Bundchen) and walk and talk with the confidence they'd walk and talk. And see how it works for you.

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Keep Your Eye out!

So you might have found the cutie you like for now, but don’t forget about everyone else while you’re seducing him. You might find someone much cuter, and it never hurts to have a back up plan!

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Make Him Feel Special!

One common mistake that I’ve been noticing about people for a while now is that whenever a person likes someone they don’t treat that person any differently than everyone else. It may be because they are slightly afraid to express their feelings too boldly but it’s more than crucial to let the person you like know that they are not just one of your friends. So next time you are with him make him feel special and treat him differently from everyone else or else he’ll never know there might be something between you two.

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Hang out with Him

It’s important to strengthen the bond between you and him, even if it means taking communication to the next level and hang out once in awhile. You can casually bring him to your favorite food place so he can try it out or go watch a movie that both of you have been dying to see. Face to face contact and similar interest can go a long way!

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Laugh at His Jokes

If he is trying to crack a joke don’t let him down and laugh! It’s another way of treating him differently and making him feel good about his humor abilities. He’ll definitely appreciate it and his jokes might even spark a conversation!

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Stay in Contact

Before telling a person directly that you like them, it’s important to make them like you back first by building a personal bond. So having a few late night talks or sending some goodnight or good morning texts will strengthen your relationship and make him wonder if there is really something between you too. After having a few fun filled conversations, he might even become addicted to communicating with you without even knowing it!

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Don’t Send Mixed Signals

One thing you don’t want him to be is confused, so while sometimes mixed signals work it’s important to stay away from inconsistency. Especially if you want to tell him that you like him in a subtle way, you don’t him to take a wrong hint that can ruin your whole plan.

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Show Excitement!

It’s common for us to play it cool and look like we don’t see the guy we like, when our heart is filled with excitement when we catch just a glimpse of him, but we must avoid that. Instead of hiding your feelings, express them! Flash your million dollar smile, wave hello and next thing you know this exchange of hellos will become a ritual between the two of you!

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Drop a Few Hints

You never want to be stuck in a friendzone, so it’s important to drop a few hints here and there without blatantly telling him you have feelings for him. So instead say nice things to him once in awhile like ‘It’s fun spending time with you’ or anything like that. However, don’t let it get too deep and switch the topic to something more casual! This mind trick will leave him wondering.

So now you’ve got a sure fire way of showing him you like him, he should soon be asking you out! Watch his body language, and see how he responds to your flirting. This will give you a huge hint as to whether the feeling is mutual...and if it is, invite him out! There’s nothing sexier than a girl whose confident enough to make the first move....Have you got a failsafe dating tip? Please share it with me!

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Ah! The lovely mature man makes an appearance. Always nice to find them still alive and talking.

So I like this guy a lot at school. I only have one class with him (pe) and I don\'t know how to start a conversation with him, but I follow him on Instagram. Help!

Umm me and this guy have been talking and yesterday he told me that we can never be together.. But we still tell each other goodnight and good morning. Do you think we have a chance or should I just give up. I don't know what to do.

I really want to put this to use with this guy james.I'll lay a few smiles first then drop the bomb. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I've liked this guy at my karate for about a year. My mum doesn't know but keeps telling me he likes me. I've never had a bf so its a bit new to me. I don't think he'd ask me out though because im a bit younger than him. I cant compare how he acts around other girls cause im the only girl in the class. however, I don't really have contact with him outside of the class. what do I do to get his attention and hopefully get somewhere with him?

There is this cute girl in my class that i love to date.but i dont know how to approach her because am a virgin and its new to me.she normal comes to if she dont understand any calculations.how do i make her like.

Ive done alot of these things and he does them back, like the smiling and sometimes talking, but I'm not very good at flirting and I really dont know what to do now ... :( ?

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