17 Ways to Let Someone Know You like Them ...

So you’ve found that cute guy, made eye contact and suddenly do your make up before you get on the train...It’s time to let him know you like him! You don’t have to risk embarrassment by telling him how you feel directly, instead here are my top ten ways to subtly show him you like him...

1. Make Eye Contact and Smile!

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Not only will smiling show that you are friendly and fun, it’ll also get him wondering what you’re smiling about! Catch his eye, count to three and look away. This will create an intimate bond between you, and he’ll soon be wondering how he can make you smile. Just be careful not to stare! There's a whole art of flirting with your eyes. Practice at home in front of the mirror. Look yourself in the eye, close your eyes and then turn your gaze away slowly moving your head to the side. Or vice versa, looking somewhere in the distance, close your eyes and open them looking directly in the eye of the other person (or yourself, when practicing). Do it slowly. It's a very sexy move, so it'll definitely catch his attention.

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