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12 Tips on How to Get Men to Approach You without Appearing Easy ...

By Jennifer

I have a friend who isn’t the best-looking girl in the world, but who always has guys hovering over her. She’s not easy or slutty. I always wondered: how does she do it? What about her makes her so approachable? How does she attract men everywhere she goes, without looking easy? I watched her closely, and finally just asked her. Here’s what I noticed, and what she told me.

1 Be Friendly

Men are more likely to approach a woman who looks and acts friendly, not intimidating or cold or severe.

2 Smile

One of the best ways to appear friendly is to smile. A lot. At just about everyone. Look like you’re having fun, and like everyone is delightful around you.

3 Get Caught Looking

It’s not a bad thing to make eye contact with a man. Make sure you give him a friendly look, though, not a leering one.

4 Dress Nicely

Dressing provocatively will definitely get men to approach you, but only because they’ll be into your physical appearance. In other words, dress a little more modestly, and you’ll be approached by men who are interested in more than just getting you in bed!

5 Don’t Travel in a Pack

Men find it difficult to approach women who are surrounded by too many people.

6 Don’t Smoke or Drink Heavily

If a man approaches you after you’ve been drinking heavily, rest assured, he’s hoping to get you into bed, and he’s not interested in much else. And most men also find heavy smoking a turn-off.

7 Don’t Appear Moody or Cold

If you’re a total drama queen, no-one is going to want to approach you. Who would want the hassle?

8 Be Nice to Everyone

If the barista at Starbucks forgets the whipped cream on your mocha, don’t throw a fit and start screaming at him. This goes back to the “friendly” and “moody” tips. Be nice to everyone!

9 Be a Little Modest on the Dance Floor

If you’re out there grinding away, chances are, the only men who will approach you are doing it because they think you’re easy. So have fun out on the dance floor, by all means, but be a little modest. Also remember that if a guy asks you to dance, go ahead and say yes, if you want to. It’s just a dance! But feel free to walk away if he makes you uncomfortable.

10 Be Confident

There’s a fine line between confident and aggressive, and a wide line between confident and shy. Men find it easier to approach confident women, but not aggressive ones. And it’s also easier to approach someone who isn’t overly shy.

11 Have a Sense of Humor

If you seem bored or unhappy or just hard to please, men will stay far away. Have a sense of humor! Laugh, smile, be light-hearted and happy, and you won’t be able to keep the men away!

12 Know How to Chat

When a guy does approach, know how to chat politely but with a little flirtation. Keep it light, and know what you can talk about (idle chatter) and what you can’t (your ex).

Most of my friend’s tips had to do with her friendliness. I noticed that she tended to attract men who liked her for her humor and sweetness, not because she looked or seemed easy. Do you have any ideas to share on how to attract a guy without seeming easy or slutty? How do you attract guy who like you for you? Let me know!

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