12 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out the Right Way ...


12 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out the Right Way ...
12 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out the Right Way ...

You’re at the club, the bookstore, Art History class, or the coffee shop, and a particular girl catches your eye. You smile, she smiles back. Now what? You want to ask her out, but you don’t want to mess it up. How do you ask this girl out the right way?

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Avoid a Line

“Are your legs tired? Because you’ve been running through my mind all day.” Why do some guys think it’s clever to use a cheesy pick-up line when they ask a girl out? It’s not, it’s ridiculous. Avoid using a pick-up line and just introduce yourself instead.


Do It Yourself

Don’t send someone else over, and don’t ask one of her friends to do it. That’s so junior high! Do it yourself.


Make Eye Contact

While you’re talking to her, be sure to make eye contact. It’s okay to feel a little timid or shy, but eye contact shows you’re sincere.


Do It Right Away!

Don’t wait — ask her put as soon as you can. “Don’t wait” also means don’t wait until the last minute to ask her to a special event, like prom or a concert. The longer you wait, the more likely someone else will have asked her already!


Do It in Person

If you’re shy, you might be tempted to ask her out via text or instant messenger or even on Facebook. But ask her out in person — or at least over the phone.


Be Sincere

Don’t lavish her with compliments you don’t mean, or promise her the best night of her life. Just be honest, otherwise, she’ll think you’re insincere.


Don’t over-reach

Don’t take her out to a dinner you can’t afford, or to a place you aren’t comfortable at, just because you think she’d enjoy it more. What most girls want more than a fancy dinner is an awesome, confident, happy date.


Be Yourself

Don’t ever pretend to be anyone other than who you are. Why would you want to be anyone else? Any girl who would only go out with you because you’re a firefighter rather than a waiter isn’t worth it anyway.


Be Specific

Don’t just ask her out to dinner. Ask her out to dinner at your favorite restaurant on Friday at six. If she already has plans, she can tell you when she’s available instead. The more specific you are, the better the chances she’ll say yes, and not brush you off.


Be Bold!

Women don’t like men who are over-confident, but we don’t like guys who are completely shy, either. If you do tend to be shy, at least be bold when you approach her.


Make Sure She Has Your Number

Make sure your girl has a way to get in touch with you in case anything comes up between the time you ask her out, and when your date is scheduled.


Don’t Push

If you ask her out, and she seems hesitant or says no, don’t push her. Just move on. You might feel you’re being bold, but we just think it’s creepy.

The most important one, in my opinion, is number eight, to be yourself. I’ve asked a few guys out, and I know it can be hard to approach someone, but go for it! Take a deep breath, put away your cheesy pick-up lines, and ask that pretty girl out! Ladies, how did your man ask you out? And fellas! How do you approach a girl? Let me know!

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Zennmaster, pick up line – Hi, I just needed to ask you this… how many guys have had the balls to come and talk to you? I mean considering you look smart and confident and definitely know how to carry yourself. I was just curious… (and like people say… from this point on… It’s game on! :P) (there are a LOT of variations to this line! But obviously!) Regarding the line you said above, smart one!! 100 points goes to you if you really use it! ;)

Avoiding a line is a big thing for me. Going for a line that has been said before says that a guy is not that creative or imaginative. Most likely, insincere, too.

Stephen mosher, I'm sorry none of the aove worked for you but maybe they weren't meant to be. You'll find your perfect some one, int he right time! Just continue to try! :)

What the hell? I wrote a really long comment answering @shelia 's Q and am guessing the system decided that it was verbose so just decided to eat it up. Caveman not likey. Caveman want old comment back. Caveman mighty upset.

Zennmaster, I love your comments they quite funny :P Well done for the points as I'm gradually giving them to you. That line was really good! You seem to have approching that really hit the point. Although I would have laughed so much if the approch was on me :) Tips in sense to this posts. Your points in approaching a girl out. There are men who need alot of help not to make jerks aut of them selves. You seem on who knows how to so write something helpful!! (I hope I'm not making you too proud of your self here! :P)

Zenmaster, I know curiosity killed the cat but here we go again...preconceived notions like what? :)

See... This is something I would want to know about. It's not like women don't approach men, they do. I have seen it happening with me own eyes. The big Q I want answered is how does a man get the woman to do all the hardwork? Now if you can answer that. I would... ummm... fine! I will make you an offer you can't refuse. ps: You are free to refuse the offer, but don't refuse to answer the Q tho.

Dammit! I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. :-/

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