7 Ways to Make over Your Man ...


7 Ways to Make over Your Man ...
7 Ways to Make over Your Man ...

Spring time is the perfect time for a makeover, but what if your man needs a makeover too? All men like to look good, but if he’s stopped making an effort or simply needs an updated look, there are some tried and tested ways to make him over. I’ve been researching and testing the best ones, and here are my top 7!

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Next time you are out shopping, pick up something you’d love your man to wear, and buy it for him. When you get back, tell him you saw it and just knew he’d look hot in it. Then, when he wears it, give him lots of compliments on how great it looks. He’ll look for more in that style, knowing he looks great.



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If his hair is outdated, try buying a new gel product, and helping him to style it. He should love the attention, but if he doesn’t let you touch his hair, tell him all about the new barbers and how great they cut hair. Then tell him how much you love freshly cut hair on a man, and book him an appointment. A sneaky conversation with the stylist later, and you should get a style you both love!



Book a couples day at the local spa, and bribe him into going with you. Allow him to enjoy your usual procedures, such as a facial, massage and swim, and then point out any additional services. For example, book him in for a back wax while you have your bikini done, and meet him in the sauna after. He’s unlikely to go to a spa on his own, as they are still seen as very feminine, but he should go with you, and the benefits will be huge!



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There are a lot of skincare products for men now, but getting them to use them can be hard. Try taking him to a cosmetics counter and talking to them about your needs. Then ask about men’s products. The sales assistant will take over and bring out a lavish range of products, and encourage him to try them. If he’s not taking the bait, smell a few, and say how nice they smell. He’ll soon be reaching for them...



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If he’s living on junk food, he probably isn’t looking his best. Usually, this is nothing to do with laziness, and is more to do with the simplicity of junk food. Try cooking some of his old favourites, using low fat ingredients, and eating them together, and storing healthy treats such as sliced fruit and whipped cream or homemade yoghurt in the fridge for when he is peckish.


He’s Lazy

He’s Lazy Photo Credit: Precious Dream

Cleaning up his diet might be simple, but getting him to exercise could be harder. Plan an effortless outing on a nice day... something like slipping on a tennis skirt and racket and asking for a game, or going for a walk. Not only will he be getting exercise and fresh air, you’ll be spending precious time together too.


He Doesn’t Help

Housework is not the woman’s job, so if he isn’t helping, he certainly should be. If he needs a little persuading, try offering to massage his shoulders after he has hoovered... you get the picture! Use your womanly charm, and he’ll soon play ball.

Making over your man, his looks or attitude, is easy if you know what you are doing. Remember to stay respectful of him at all times, though, and not to be demanding unless you want to remind him of his mother. After all, any progress is good progress! Have you got a tip for making over your man? Please share it with me!

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you know what i've come to realize? that you can make small changes to a man as long as they aren't aware of it. cuz one they know you're trying to change even the *tinest* thing about them, they just tense up! lol great post :)

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