I Want a Boyfriend and I'm Going to Get One ...

By Laura

I Want a Boyfriend and I'm Going to Get One ...

Do you feel like you’ve been single forever? Do you feel like you scroll through social media and find yourself sad and envious of those in relationships, engaged, getting married, etc. and you feel stagnate in life? If you ever sit and think I want a boyfriend, you've come to the right place. Here are my top ten tips on how to get a boyfriend...

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1 Remember That Being Single is Okay

If you are frantically waiting for that special someone, you might be coming across as desperate and that is instantly off-putting to guys. Take some time to enjoy yourself, and remember why you are so amazing. If you love yourself you make it much easier for others to love you too.

2 Think about Who You Want

Now you know who you are, think about what you want. Write down what is really important out of a mate and what can be negotiated. This will stop you settling for anything, and ensure that you look for people who you could actually have a future with!

3 Spread Your Wings!

Join a club that you love, get involved in a sport, learn a new skill. Don’t join just because you expect to meet people, join to enjoy yourself, boost your confidence, and act as a distraction while you are waiting for Mr. Right!

4 Be Confident

Been checking out that guy for a while? Go and introduce yourself. No other way to stop saying I want a boyfriend than just go out and get one. It might be scary, but you’ll demonstrate confidence and self reliance which are both very attractive qualities!

5 Get to Know Them

Before you fall in love with every guy you meet, talk to them and see if they match your list. Look for similarities and differences and see how you get on together. Just because he matches your list verbatim doesn't mean the chemistry is there. It’s important that you know the man himself so you know whether or not you need to readjust your list.

6 Make Friends

The best relationships stem from friendships, so take your time and get to know him as a friend. You can't sit around saying I want a boyfriend but not give yourself any opportunities to meet a boyfriend-even as a friend first. As well as being the perfect base, it also means you’ll be pre-warned about any bad habits, and you’re likely to know about his past relationships.

7 Make Him Feel Comfortable

It can be a nerve racking job asking a girl out, so make him feel comfortable around you. Maybe he's afraid of rejection; if you make him comfortable he'll be able to make a move. Even if nothing happens, you’ll have an amazing guy friend out of it and guy friends are the best!

8 Read the Signs

Think about whether he likes you too. Does he compliment you a lot, spend lots of time with you, flirt occasionally? Or is he really treating you like a best friend? Reading the signs can save you the heartache of un-returned love. Don't make up signs just because you want a boyfriend, make sure the signs are actually there.

9 Be an Amazing Girl!

By being his friend, you risk letting him see your bad points. Counter this by showing him how pretty, bubbly, intelligent and happy you are. Show him who you really are. These positives will surely outweigh the negatives. Double bonus if you can hang out with his guy friends too and they think you're cool.

10 Ask Him out!

If he’s showing all the signs, and you’re feeling it too, then ask him out! Don’t leave it up to him, be a modern girl and take it in your own hands. At least that way you know where you stand and you don't have to spend your time pining over him if he's not interested.

Have you got tips to save yourself from the I want a boyfriend thoughts? Please share with me!

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Does anyone know a good flirt platform? I would like to get a boyfriend... :(

I like this boy in my class named Luis Salamon. He's kinda like a half nerd but doesn't look like one. Instead he look's cute. Most people in my class literally HATES him. (Except me of course!) I'm just worried that if I ask him " Do you like me?"Somebody else is going to find out and EVERYBODY will hate me exactly how everybody hated him. What should I do?

hi im 17 and i like this guy and he just roke up with his girlfriend cause i told him i liked him and know he is being nicer kinder he kissed me once when he was going out wit his gf know what should i do

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