8 Lies Us Women Always Tell ...


8 Lies Us Women Always Tell ...
8 Lies Us Women Always Tell ...

When was the last time you bent the truth a little bit? Honesty might be the best policy, but there are some lies that we all tell. Some situations just call for the truth...but a little bent. Here are eight lies that us women tend to tell...how many have you said?

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You Are the Best Person I’ve Ever Slept with

You Are the Best Person I’ve Ever Slept with Photo Credit: MAZZALIARMADI.IT

Well, this one is understandable. He’s going to ask at some point, and what are we supposed to say?! You are third best? No, sorry, you’re actually the worst? Okay, so its a lie, but what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him, and if it was that bad we wouldn’t be staying. It’s a nice lie!


I’m Almost Ready

I’m Almost Ready Photo Credit: emmalina.

I’ll admit that I’m terrible for this...most of the time I haven’t even decided what to wear, and I’ll be utterly frantic. To be fair, this one is a nice lie too. If I said “Give me an hour, and I might be close to being ready, but not entirely happy”, he wouldn’t be too pleased. And we’d always be late. This way, he stays ready, and we leave (just) on time.


I’m Fine

I’m Fine Photo Credit: Angeloid

We’ll be secretly raging, but when he asks, we are fine. Why? Well if he doesn’t know why we are angry, why should we tell him? He should know, or he obviously doesn’t care. Or he doesn’t know us at all. He knows what he’s done. He can work it out.


There’s a Sale

There’s a Sale Photo Credit: Gnerk

Nobody wants the fun of a new purchase ruined by intense questioning on how much it was and where you could of got one cheaper, so ‘it was on sale’ is just a standard reply. He wants us to look good, right?!


We’d Love to Babysit Your Cousins

We’d Love to Babysit Your Cousins Photo Credit: Agnes Siljekil Away no Flickr until 19th...

It’s not that we don’t want to spend time with your family, it’s just that we like you, and we much prefer our time alone together. Your cousins make us never want children, and we all hate your aunt spitting on her hand and rubbing our cheeks, or asking us how the wedding planning is going.


Sure, You Can Call

Sure, You Can Call Photo Credit: saizod

So you might be a nice guy. A really nice guy. But if the spark isn’t there, we just don’t want to hurt your feelings. So when you want us to give you our number, and you ask if you can call, we’ll smile sweetly and agree, and maybe even act exciting. It’s not to hurt you...its supposed to keep you happy.


You’re Right

You’re Right Photo Credit: portobeseno

If we end an argument by muttering ‘You’re right”, we don’t actually agree. We just don’t want to listen, or argue, anymore, and we don’t want you to fall out with us. So we’ll let you think you win, and then change the subject. We both win!


Our Weight

Our Weight Photo Credit: Jeff__

This is one of those things you don’t need to know. So if you ask, we’ll lose a few kilos, and if you want to know our dress size, look in the label of something we wear. You’ll save a lot of hassle (and lying!).

These aren’t too bad...I mean, I bet men tell worse lies! Can you think of a lie that us women tell? Please tell me about it, I’d love to hear! I got 7 out of 8 here...how well did you do?

Top Photo Credit: www.CarolWojtyla.com

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Spot on with all these! Also to be included....our age!

Don't forget: oh yeah, your friends are SO funny!

"I am fine" and "That's OK" are my pets.

I totally agree with the "you're right" a lot of times I'll say this to my boyfriend just to avoid a silly argument.

In the same category as "I'm fine" and "You're right"... The lie I tell most is "I'm not mad"! :P

i always tell my bf "yeh, ur right." "i'm not mad!" "sure, ur friends r fine" & i'm sure theres a lot more... haha

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