7 Types of Women I Find Quite Annoying ...


7 Types of Women I Find Quite Annoying ...
7 Types of Women I Find Quite Annoying ...

Irritating types of personalities can be found in both male and female forms but I have to say that I’ve met my fair share of pretty strange persons that were all females. These pieces of work present themselves as close friends and expect you’re going be spending an awful lot of time with them. The strangest thing about them is that they seem quite normal at, before you know it, you’re stuck with an irritating person you can’t have a decent conversation with. These are the most frequent types of those annoying females I’ve had the “luck” to meet:

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Compliment Junkies

Compliment Junkies Photo Credit:Bill Cammack

A compliment junkie always finds something to complain about hoping that you’ll say, “Oh, come on, don’t be silly, you look great!” I mean, if I spend two hours fixing my hair, I definitely don’t plan on going around saying how it looks terrible just so somebody would feel sorry for me and give me a compliment. These girls complain about the most ridiculous things, in the most ridiculous time – they will insist on the fact that their hair is dirty, even if you can clearly tell that same hair has been washed less than 6 hours ago. They will show up all dressed up saying how they probably look like a mess because they’ve grabbed the first thing out of the closet. Now, this can be quite annoying, at least in my opinion. I used to try to prove them they are wrong but nowadays I just say, “Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, it’s going to better next time” and, believe it or not, this little evil trick works.


Competitive Freaks

Competitive Freaks Photo Credit: mikebaird

A competitive freak just can’t stand the thought of somebody else being better than her. And this goes for just everything! She’ll keep bragging about her “horse” and completely ignoring everything you have to say. Now, this is a mild form which you may and may not find very annoying but, if you let her “grow a pair of wings”, you can expect the things to get much worst. You see, she will restrain herself from saying anything bad about your accomplishments but, once she figures out she can do whatever she wants, spiteful comments will follow.


Ice Queens

Ice Queens Photo Credit: kimjerbo

These girls kind of look like they hate you and, if you happen to find yourself in their company, you’ll definitely feel weird. Regular compliments girls give to each other just don’t work on her cold heart so don’t even expect she’ll says, “Thanks.”…I’ve actually met a few that simply say, “I know!” and look at you like you’ve said the stupidest, most obvious thing in the world. Obnoxious!


I’m above It All

I’m above It All Photo Credit: brandonzwa

“I’m too rich to cook, clean and do all those common dirty jobs!” or even worse, “I’m too educated to do any jobs around the house!” Excuse me but, as somebody that’s just one step away from a Master’s degree in finances, I do feel like I have something to say about this and it definitely isn’t “I’m so freaking educated that I’ll rather choose to hire a woman to go through my dirty laundry than take 5 minutes of my academic time to do that myself.” You don’t like to do it – no problem! You can’t do it – fine with me! But don’t act like your s*ht doesn’t stink and don’t even try to look down on others or make them feel like they should be embarrassed. Your choices are your choices; they don’t necessarily have to be the best ones out there.



Mirrors Photo Credit:A U D E (Needs a Pro account SO BADLY!)

A mirror is basically a less self conscious competitive freak. These girls are literally obsessed with everybody else! A “mirror” will call you five times before you meet for coffee, just to be sure about what you’re planning on wearing. She’ll combine a similar outfit and probably get really mad at you if you show up wearing different clothes than you said you’ll wear. If you’re wearing heels, she’ll want to wear heels too so don’t even think about tricking her or catching her out of her comfort zone. Why? Because you definitely won’t get wherever you’ve planned to go simply because “She’s not dressed for the occasion.”


Ditsy and Proud of It

Ditsy and Proud of It Photo Credit: avlxyz

Shopping, parties and hot guys are all she’s thinking about and she’ll actually give you the are-you-insane look if you, God forbid, try to come up with more serious conversation topics. She’s living in her own world where things like appointments, chores, must do’s and serious problems don’t exist and the only things worth talking about are hot guys, party plans and shopping sprees. The only things she reads are movie subtitles and gossip columns, these last, of course, while she’s at the beauty parlor, getting her hails and hair done for the big night out.


Fake Luxury

Fake Luxury Photo Credit: kabiri_jewellery

She likes the luxury, nice clothes, expensive outings, travels and cars. This girl is on a mission to find a man that can afford all that but, until she does, she’ll be prepared to live a poor life and eat very little just so she could afford an overly expensive clothes that will make her appear rich in the eyes of the world. She’ll keep on insisting on those price tags and focus her attention on men that drive nice cars and drink expensive drinks. Now, if she’s your friend, you probably know how annoying all this can get but wait, wait until she finds the man she’s been searching for. She’ll progress into the “ditsy and proud of it type” and insist on the fact that there’s nothing to it in this world than just pleasures, expensive travels and fancy clothes. But what about motivating conversations? Well, you’ll have to look somewhere else for that.

Have you ever met one or more of these types of women, my ladies?

Top Photo Credit: notsogoodphotography

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i think i might appear to be an ice queen lol but i'm not :) all of the girls in the list are so annoying! the complainer is also on my list

I think if someone can do the thing I can also do it (..ohhh...well...except singing.) and give it a try. Sometimes find a new talent in me and sometimes compelled to envy the person.

I think the worst are the ones who fake luxury... It's just awful.

I totally see a girl in every category atleast once a month!!

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