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10 Funniest Myths about Women's Clitoris ...

By Melanie

I have to admit, I have read some funny stuff in my past about different things. Recently, I read a list of funny things about the woman’s clitoris that people, particularly guys, thought were true. Take note that comments are welcome, but I am not the one that came up with these myths, I am just telling you about them. Some come from words I have heard from people and out of books, while others come from blogs on the Internet. Below are 10 funniest myths about women’s clitoris that I have ever seen…

10 Girls Pee out of the Butt

I had a friend for the longest time that insisted that girls pee out of their butts! He believed this one until he was twenty years old. Today, he is a certified EMT. Can you imagine the irony?

9 Girls Pee out of the Vagina

Sure, this one goes with peeing out of the butt, but I have also read that they pee out of their vagina on a blog. I don’t know who it was posted by or how old they are, but you and I both know that they do not pee from there, unless they are…aliens?

8 Some Women Don’t Have a Clitoris?

For Real?! You have got to be kidding me? Oh, this is a myth. Sure, some have really small ones, while other ones have really big ones and the hood does not cover them. Every woman out there, unless they have been circumcised, which happens in some countries is the proud owner of a clit.

7 Clits Are Not Sensitive

You have got to be kidding me! Some are more sensitive than others, but they are definitely not not sensitive. Does that make sense?

6 Just Skin and Has No Blood Flow

Just Skin? It’s much more than skin! No Blood Flow?! Are you kidding me? The clit fills with blood as the woman becomes sexually aroused. It is made of spongy tissue. The tissue is similar to the penile tissue and is also known as the erectile tissue.

5 Clits Don’t Serve a Purpose

Really? If it’s rubbed just right, it can cause a very intense orgasm. And they say clits don’t serve a purpose?

4 The Clit Has No Nerves

I tell you, it does. It has as many nerves as the head of a male penis, but it is just contained in a smaller area. The sensations there can feel extremely intense. Some enjoy having multiple orgasms, which is less common amongst men.

3 Vaginal Orgasms Are Better than Clitoral Orgasms

This distinction is meaningless. This is because the clit is always involved in triggering that orgasm.

2 All Women do Not like That Area Licked

Okay, I find this one funny, because I actually read this one from a blog that caused a lot of debate. Seems the poster didn’t know what she was missing out on.

1 Clit Piercings Are Painless

Okay, okay. I put this one at number one for a reason. They are painlful. Point blank, they are. Most women have one that is too small to go through piercings. And those which are large enough, have hood tissue that fits too tightly around it.

The clitoris seems to be a mystery to many. Those are 10 myths, but I can think of many others that I have heard in my past. Have you heard any funny clitoris myths that you would like to expose right now?

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