Study Proves Men Prefer Curvy Women ...


Study Proves Men Prefer Curvy Women ...
Study Proves Men Prefer Curvy Women ...

The media obsession with skinny women might just be a whole load of junk afterall. This recently conducted study proves that men actually prefer curvy women with shapely hips as opposed to the media promoted waif like appearance. *silently celebrates*

Researchers had 14 men rate how attractive they found pictures of the naked behinds of seven women before and after cosmetic surgery that gave them more shapely hips. Now remember, that these operations did not reduce weight but merely redistributed it. The result? Brain scans of the men showed that seeing the post-surgery pictures activated parts of the brain linked with rewards similar to when alcohol or drugs are consumed. It was also noted that changes in a woman's BMI, commonly used to measure body fat only affected brain areas linked to simple visual evaluations of size and shape. In other words, the parameters of female beauty on the basis of body fat are defined more by society as opposed to a man's natural brain wiring. Bad society!

She says: I am curvy myself but honestly, I think the study by itself was flawed considering the men were shown before and after cosmetic surgery pictures. Of course, they'd prefer the perfect, after-surgery derriers. Does that necessarily prove that men prefer curvy women? I don't think so. Maybe Yusuf can shed some more light on this.

He says: I do not claim to speak for all men here, but yes I do agree with the results of the research (not so much on how it was conducted). A curvy and natural body is definitely more my type than a thin matchstick frame!

Sometimes, I think we give way too much importance to what men think. Who cares if they like women skinny or curvy. We're better off being grateful for what we have and staying healthy. Don't you agree?


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I will be glad if you make the navigation easier and be my friend on FB too. Though I am not regular there.

I took sexual evolution and physiology in college and we discussed this topic. It has to do with our "animal" instincts. Men see curvy women and subconsciously correlate that to reproductivity. I don't remember the exact terminology, but yes, men love curves!

a friend and i were talking about this today. we're both men btw two of our mates (both girls) were talking about their weights, which got us thinking that skinny girls are actually repulsive. people are in the mindset that any fat is bad fat, but theres good fat too! fat only become bad when either major rolls start to form, of when someones body get out of proportion. this means you can have a great deal of fat on you, if you're in proportion :D so stop obsessing ;)

haha i'm not surprised :] im thin.. yet i have curvacious small figure. im a dancer.. so its healthy lol

I am curvy myself and I admit I love the affect of those curves on men! :)

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