7 Traits We Women Find Attractive ...


7 Traits We Women Find Attractive ...
7 Traits We Women Find Attractive ...

As women, we all have things that we look for in the guys that we're interested in. I know what I like, and after talking to a few friends to write this post, I know what other women like, too. So without further ado, here are 7 traits that we women find attractive in men!

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Thoughtfulness Photo Credit: chamagraphy

There is something so sweet about a man that is thoughtful. If you're having a rough day, he lets you vent for no reason. Or he putsa floweron your windshield just because it shows that he's thinking of you. It's the small things that a man does that make us want to be with him. And being thoughtful really is just a few small things every once in a while to let you know that he's thinking about you.


Thoughtfulness is a highly desirable trait in men, according to the article "7 Traits We Women Find Attractive". This quality shows that a man is considerate and attentive to his partner's needs and feelings. It can be displayed through small gestures, such as listening and offering support during a bad day, or surprising her with a flower just because. These simple acts of thoughtfulness make a woman feel appreciated and loved, and can go a long way in strengthening a relationship. This trait is often seen as a sign of maturity and emotional intelligence, making it even more attractive to women.


A Great Sense of Humor

A Great Sense of Humor Photo Credit: Cavan Images

Like men, women like their partners to have a great sense of humor. We love to laughand a guy that can do that for us is a great catch. We also want him to be able to laugh, at himself, at our jokes, at a movie that we think is funny. Laughter is the best medicine after all!



Drive Photo Credit: cool_colonia4711

That's right, we all want a man that's driven. Something about a man that knows what he wants and goes for it is very attractive. Whether it be a drive at work for that promotion or drive to be with you, he knows what he wants, he goes for it and if he's lucky he'll get it. It's very attractive when a man is striving to be better even when he's already great!

And just so you know: 7 Traits Men Find Attractive …


Love of Adventure

Love of Adventure Photo Credit: D L Ennis

Mountain climbing, swimming, bike riding,traveling. We women love a man that wants to go on an adventure. He's fearless in his life and maybe that means he'll be fearless in his relationship with us! Whatever it is, we love a man that loves outdoor adventures.



Confidence Photo Credit: Alex Bramwell

Confidence, not cockiness, is very sexy. We all love a man that knows what he's working with and knows that he's got a great hand to play. We just don't want him to be too cocky, because that is a turn off.




That's right, women like charming men. Who would have thought? I myself have never been able to define exactly what I find charming in a man that I think is charming. It's just a certain feeling that they make rise up out of nowhere. You could hate everything about them but still be attracted to them for one reason. CHARM. Watch out ladies, it's a show stopper and definitely a consideration to label him the man of your dreams.



Creativity Photo Credit: PŬRE ~

I myself am very attracted to musicians, but most girls love a guy that can make something creative out of thin air. A guy that can paint a scene on an empty canvas, a guy that can pull out a guitar and make up aromantic song, they all make us swoon.

Well ladies, I've given you the list of traits that MOST women find attractive, what do you find attractive? A great smile? Maybe intelligence? Whatever it is that attracts you to a man, let me know down below!

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I would admire a guy who is understanding and can act according to the situation promptly along with those 7 points. I liked the man in the photo with CHARM. he is really charming.

I love guys who are protective and make me feel safe :)

It may seem shallow but all women love a man who's fit... Nothings sexier than laying down against rock hard abs and toned pecs. I personally love a man who makes me feel protected and safe, but not like a child

By in large, I like guys that take care of themselves. I don't super-duper care if they're in shape, because I'm not in shape. But I don't want to lie in bed next to someone who smells like a wildebeast.

I love a guy that takes care of himself. I can't stand to be with someone who does drugs, or hasn't showered in weeks. If I take care of myself, I expect my guy to take care of himself.

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