15 Most Romantic Flowers for Girls ...

By Kati

15 Most Romantic Flowers for Girls ...

Girls love to get romantic flowers any day, including Valentine's Day, so it's a good idea to look at the choices that are out there. Of course, you can never go wrong with roses, but if you want to give her a bouquet that is as unique and special as she is, it might be time to branch out a little bit. You can bet that choosing any of these romantic flower choices will make her the happiest girl ever. And you'll get the biggest hug ever!

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Deluxe Bunches of Love Tulip & Iris

Nothing says "I love you" more than this beautiful bouquet of tulips and irises! Make it even more special with a box of chocolates!
flower,cut flowers,flower bouquet,plant,land plant, Price: $79.99 at 1800flowers.com


Warm Sunset Bouquet

Bright orange and yellow sunflowers picked at their peak will be sure to deliver a smile. The blue mason jar really compliments these flowers!
flower,plant,gerbera,flower arranging,yellow, Price: $39.99 at 1800flowers.com


Peruvian Lilies

This beautifully bright arrangement is the perfect way to express how much you care.
flower arranging,cut flowers,flower,flower bouquet,floristry, Price: $40.59 at 1800flowers.com


Timeless Tulips

These gorgeous tulips are hand arranged and perfect for any lady who loves flowers.
flower, flowering plant, plant, flower arranging, cut flowers, Price: $69.99 at 1800flowers.com


Splendid and Sweet

Nestled in a blue vase, this selection of flowers smells great and looks wonderful.
flower, flower bouquet, flower arranging, cut flowers, plant, Price: $49.99 at 1800flowers.com

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Exotic Breeze Orchids

These exotic blooms are perfect for someone who loves tropical islands. This long-lasting arrangement is a little bit of paradise!
flower arranging,flower,cut flowers,plant,violet, Price: $72.99 at 1800flowers.com


Stunning Pink Oriental Lily Bouquet

This classic flower has the ability to say exactly what you feel inside. These star-shaped lilies will make anyone feel special!
flower,plant,pink,lily,land plant, Price: $47.99 at 1800flowers.com


Mad about You

This luxurious arrangement is all green and pink and it looks fabulous!
flower, flower bouquet, flower arranging, pink, floristry, Price: $79.99 at 1800flowers.com


Happy Gerbera Daisies

This vibrant bouquet of Gerbera dasies will brighten anyone's Valentine's Day!
flower,gerbera,plant,cut flowers,flower bouquet, Price: $61.99 at 1800flowers.com


100 Premium Long Stem Red Roses

Here's how to WOW your significant other--with 100 lush red roses! This luxurious bouquet is one that will never be forgotten.
flower,cut flowers,flower arranging,red,plant, Price: $349.99 at 1800flowers.com


Grand Gardenia

This fresh white gardenia plant arrives in a Victorian-style planter, perfect and long lasting to place atop your desk!
flower,flower arranging,plant,floristry,product, Price: $44.99 at 1800flowers.com


Hydrangea in Mosaic Planter

Love is in the details. This lush plant arrives in your choice of sparkling purple and blue or a white mosaic planter that catches the light. They'll feel the love!
flower,hydrangea,plant,hydrangeaceae,purple, Price: $74.99 at 1800flowers.com


Simply Divine Gladiolus and Orchid Arrangement

This refreshing arrangement features a vertical design. These flowers are the definition of original to show your true love!
flower,flower arranging,pink,plant,moth orchid, Price: $74.99 at 1800flowers.com


Serene Green

This arrangement will bring calmness and serenity to the nature lover in your life. Shades of green and white are tied with raffia.
flower arranging,flower,cut flowers,floristry,flower bouquet, Price: $59.99 at 1800flowers.com


Magnolia Tree by Real Simple

This southern classic is known for it's early blooms and deep-green, rich leaves. It's ready to be planted upon arrival in a container or in your yard. This is perfect for celebrating a milestone anniversary.
plant, flowerpot, tree, branch, vase, Price: $134.99 at 1800flowers.com

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hi, i hope u can help me, im 30 yo there is a girl i like, she is divorced and she has a 8 years old son, she is a lawyer and working with public attorney's office, i met her during my hearing in same court she appears , she has a strong personalty but she has been single for years ,she is kind of afraid we have gone out only twice in a month, it is my first experience of courting this way, i think im in love , i dont know if she likes me or not because she stoped replying me 3 days ago, now i would like to send her some flowers to her office ,what kind of flower do you suggest ?

ma girl loves flowers n i love them too they are amazing

Rose or lily?

I really don't like flowers all that much, but if my boyfriend ever gave me any of these, I wouldn't complain!