30 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles ...


30 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles ...
30 Valentine's Day Ideas for Fabulous Singles ...

Being single on Valentine's Day isn't really a big deal, you know. Yeah, you might feel a little ... disgruntled, seeing all those couples clinging to each other like ivy, but come on. You're young, free, and gorgeous! Whether you're flying solo or just not with your boo for the big day, you can still have a blast. C'mon, singles, claim your Valentine's Day!

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Head to the Movies

Head to the Movies Gather up your other single girlfriends for a night at the movies. Be sure to pick something that's anti-romantic – no sappy chick flicks allowed! Be sure to get giant buckets of popcorn to share.


Host an anti-Valentine's Day Party

Host an anti-Valentine's Day Party Go with a "Love Hurts" theme and use all black decorations. No flowers, no cards, no candy… just good food, good friends, and good drinks!


Treat Yourself to a Spa Day

Treat Yourself to a Spa Day Get a massage, a facial, or a pedicure – alone or with some girlfriends. Make yourself feel special and pampered!


Get out of Town!

Get out of Town! Plan a special trip to some place you've always wanted to visit. It could be something as dramatic as a foreign cruise or as simple as a day trip- enjoy being able to just do something you and only you want to do.


Have a Foodie Night

Have a Foodie Night Go out to dinner at a fancy restaurant with other single friends. Treat yourself to some place really special, and get a delicious dessert – you don't have to share it!


Stay inside

Stay inside Or, make it a night in to avoid seeing all the couples packing the restaurants. Rent a few guy-bashing movies, pop a big bowl of popcorn, and remind yourself that it's great to be single - you get the couch all to yourself!


Have Family Fun

Have Family Fun Got nieces or nephews? Be the "cool aunt" and volunteer to babysit. Take the kids to an indoor playground, and then go out to eat junk their parents never let them have. They'll love you forever!


Enjoy Some Puppy Love

Enjoy Some Puppy Love Volunteer at a local animal shelter. Try taking the dogs for walks - they will totally appreciate the attention. There's no better love than a happy puppy licking your face!


Get Dressed to Impress!

Get Dressed to Impress! Get into your sexiest outfit and go out to a hot new bar or club. Challenge yourself to strike up a conversation with five guys you'd never normally approach. Take a chance – you might introduce yourself to someone amazing!


Buy Yourself an Amazing Valentine's Gift

Buy Yourself an Amazing Valentine's Gift Take the money you would've spent on a significant other and get yourself something fabulous. Can you say right hand ring, anyone?!


Get Cooking

Get Cooking Plan a big dinner for single friends, and spend the day shopping and cooking. Sometimes, all that chopping and sautéing can be totally therapeutic.


Do Unto Others

Do Unto Others Spend time helping out at a children's home, senior citizen center, or battered women's shelter. Giving back to the community by playing games or cooking a special dinner for people in need can really warm your heart on Valentine's Day.


Share the Love

Share the Love Express your love for the important people in your life. Take time out on Valentine's Day to write a heartfelt note to your parents and grandparents. These are the people that truly love you unconditionally, and they'd be so happy to hear from you.


Be a Cupid for Your Favorite Charity

Be a Cupid for Your Favorite Charity Bake some Valentine's treats and sell them at work in the days leading up to Valentine's, and then donate the proceeds to your favorite charity. You'll make brownie points at work and make yourself feel great by helping others.


Challenge Yourself!

Challenge Yourself! Think of something you've always wanted to try but have been a little afraid to do – Sky diving? Bungee jumping? Deep sea diving? Go do it this Valentine's – there's no time like the present to have an adventure!


Do a Favor

Do a Favor Think of someone in your social circle that's having a hard time – maybe they've recently lost their job, home, or someone close to them – and then think of a surprise to make them smile. Making their day will make yours, too!


Go Green!

Go Green! Give a Valentine's gift to the planet and plan something green for February 14. Plant a tree, start a recycling program in your neighborhood, or set up a carpool group at work. You'll feel great and the Earth will, too!


Appreciate the Single Life!

Appreciate the Single Life! Brainstorm with single friends about the top twenty reasons you're glad you're single… start this list with no snoring, cover-stealing partner sleeping next to you tonight!


Get Physical!

Get Physical! Get on your workout clothes and break a sweat. Go for a run in the park, hit the gym, or take to the trails and hike. The endorphins released in exercise are almost as good as sex, so you'll feel great and look great, too!


Send Flowers to Yourself

Send Flowers to Yourself Pick out a gorgeous bouquet that you love online, write an affirming message on the card, and have them delivered to work. When someone asks who they're from, just answer: "Someone who really loves me for me!"


Fall in Love

Fall in Love No, not with anew partner – well, unless you meet someone! Remember how wesuggested trying something you'd never done before? It's also a greattime to pick out a new hobby or passion. That could be swimming,yoga, or even baking. It could even be a new pet! You have lots oflove to give, but remember that there are dozens of ways to expressit.


Have a Secret Cupid

Have a Secret Cupid This involves gathering up your single friends too. Remember all that cash you're saving by notspending it on flowers and candy and expensive lingerie? Throw alittle Secret Cupid party. This is like Secret Santa, but this timethe chubby little mascot's wearing a diaper. You could pick sillygifts or meaningful ones, but you'll all have fun opening up yoursuper secret presents – promise.



Paw-someValentine Have a pet? Seriously, let your pet be your Valentine. Buy your dog, cat, bunny, bird, or snake something really special. I don't know about you, but my dog is my BFF, so this issomething I do anyway. I'm not the only one, right?


Become Cupid

Become Cupid You know you're not the only person who might be feeling lonely on Valentine's Day, right? Why not takethat extra cash and buy a bunch of roses or colorful balloons. Handthem out to passersby as you wander around your town. Maybe you'll goviral! Either way, you'll be making a lot of people smile.


Turn to Netflix

Turn to Netflix Seriously, Netflix makes anything better.Binge watch your favorite show, catch up on something new, or revisitold favorites. And yes, you can always watch a few anti-love moviestoo. Just don't forget the ice cream.


Turn to Books

Turn to Books Books make everything better too. Read something youlove, a new novel you haven't gotten around to yet, or a selfaffirming book. Swoon over your favorite love story, sympathize witha jilted heroine, and be glad you're not Madame Bovary, AnnaKarenina, or Bella Swan (sorry).


Get Weepy

Get Weepy If you need to have a cry or even a little pity party, indulge – for a minute. Time yourself. This is especially important if you got out ofa relationship right before Valentine's Day, because that sucks. Letyourself mourn or feel bad, but don't let it consume the entireday.


Go to a Comedy Show

Go to a Comedy Show I'm serious. You can't be sad when you're laughing. You'll be in a room filled with people who are laughing along with you!


Shred Your Calender

Shred Your Calender Not really, but you can forget that it's Valentine's Day. What is it,really, but just another day? It's not the only day you can be inlove. Make it yours and do with it what you will.


Find out What You Want

Find out What You Want Take the day to rediscover yourself. Think,meditate, brood if you need to. What do you want out of life, out oflove, and out of yourself? Come out on the other side feeling aswonderful as you are.

Being single on February 14 can be an amazing, exciting opportunity to do something just for you. Do you have other great tips for spending a Valentine's Day as a single? Post them here – I'd love to hear them!

This article was written in collaboration with editor Lyndsie Robinson.

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Now i have a boy friend! :D What can i do?

Those were pretty great ideas!!

When i was single, i celebrated my independence - in Australia it's a day for everyone, no matter what :) I'm still quite independent now that I'm with my boyfriend though, so that hasn't changed too much :)

I love the cover picture!

I usually buy my self something nice. Last year I bought a pink ipod. This year I want an iphone, but with finances it might be just a manicure instead. lol

The best thing you can do is go out with your other single friends and have fun! VDay is not all about couples, it's about loving yourself and the people around you. Don't let the media dictate what your special day should be!

I will be using this tips for this year Valentine's Day

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