Single AF? 10 Reasons to Keep That Way ...


Single AF? 10 Reasons to Keep That Way ...
Single AF? 10 Reasons to Keep That Way ...

I used to get so tired of my girlfriends feeling sorry for me when I was single. I’d have to field their annoying questions about my lonely weekend, or worse, have them try and set me up on unwanted and unsolicited blind dates. I appreciated their concern, but I was happy to be single AF! Here is my list of the ten reasons it’s great to be single… and you’ll miss most of these when you’re off the market, trust me!

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You Get All of the Hot Water

Is there anything worse in the morning than getting in the shower and realizing you’re running out of hot water before you’ve even rinsed out your shampoo? Sharing a house or apartment usually means sharing a bathroom which also means sharing the shower and sharing the hot water. The only solution I’ve found is to get up earlier than your sweetie and getting in the shower first!


You Don’t Have to Shave Your Legs Every Day

Unless it’s the middle of summer and you’re wearing a bikini every day, there’s no reason you need to shave your legs every day, is there? That is, unless you’re sharing your bed with someone who might complain about brushing up against your somewhat prickly legs… who needs that? It takes ages to shave your legs! If you're single AF you can skip a day or two (or more, who am I to judge) without any comments from the penis gallery.


You Can Have Cereal for Dinner and Pizza for Breakfast

I love having cold cereal for dinner, especially while reading a book. When you're single AF, you could eat whatever you want at meals without comment, but when you're in a relationship, it's hard to crack open a book without looking rude and meals are usually cooked because they might not want to eat cereal every night like you.


It’s Cheaper

When I was single, I had money to spare. I spent a lot less on groceries, dinners out, and movies. I may have spent a tiny bit more on makeup, but… I had a lot more disposable income. Can't do that when you're in a relationship without looking selfish.


You Can Buy as Many Shoes as You like

Every time I bring home a pair of shoes, my husband asks the same question, “How many pairs of designer boots do you need?” I need them all! When I was single AF, I never had to explain my obsession.


The Closet is All Yours

No matter how much you love your sweetheart, he is still taking up closet space. VALUABLE closet space you could be using for all your stuff! I look at my husband's side of the closet, and I wonder why it can’t be folded or hung somewhere else, so there’s more room for my skirts and cocktail dresses… That makes me sound awful but it's not something we have to worry about when we're single AF.


The Bed is All Yours

There’s something decadent about having an entire queen or king sized bed all to yourself. I love when he's away because I can spread out, lie diagonally, kick the covers off, or wrap up in them like a cocoon. Once you start sharing a bed with someone else you have to be considerate of them even though they'll probably spend half the night snoring and the other half stealing the covers…


You Can Date around

If you’re single, you can have fun dates with whomever you want, whenever you want without feeling guilty. Obviously when you're not single AF you don't have that luxury. There are so many wonderful men out there, and so little time! If you’re single, you get to date them all!


The Seat Stays down

It’s the middle of the night, and you’ve just stumbled into the bathroom for a tinkle in the dark… then you fall in… eek! When you’re single, the toilet seat goes down and stays down. Also, you won’t be finding any icky little hairs all over your bathroom…


You Get to Keep Your Name with No Comments

I love my last name and when I married my husband and I had a big argument over me wanting to keep my last name. To make him happy, I took his last name, and I regretted it. To men, it may not seem like a big deal, but they have no idea how difficult it is, and how disconcerting it can be, to change your name.

See? There are so many reasons to appreciate being single AF! These are just a few of them but I'd love to know- are you single? What do you love best about being single? Please let me know!

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Love this list ! I am 2 months into Man Ban 2010 - being single is going well, I could get used to it !

this seriously sucked. -.-

hi, i followed u in twitter. and im glad i did. ur posts are so informative and useful. i really enjoy them. anyways, what i like most about being single is i can post whatever i want in facebook or twitter without so much as answering his ques abt y. n i get to sign up for any social network w/o worrying he wuld get jealous. the best part is i get to add and approve any1 i want especially cute boys!

These are really great points for one to enjoy his single days. But sharing all with the one you truly love is luckier and more enjoyable, I can assure you! :)

Very cute!

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