12 Tips on How to Shave Your Legs ...


12 Tips on How to Shave Your Legs ...
12 Tips on How to Shave Your Legs ...

Many women dread summer coming back. This means their leg-shaving skills (or lack thereof) will be put on display. Very few men out there love having a hairy damsel, so it’s time to dust off those razors and read my blog. I first started shaving my legs when I was a teenager (just like everyone else) and I always seemed to cut myself around the ankle area. Here are my 12 tips on how to shave your legs without cutting yourself.

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Shave in a Warm Shower or Bath

If it is possible, you should shave your legs in a warm shower or bath.


Wait until the End of the Shower

You should wait until the end of the shower before you shave. This way, your leg hair will soften up a bit, which will make it easier to shave.


What Position?

When you are shaving, you should sit on the ledge of your shower, if you have one. If you have no place to sit, then raise up your leg against the wall of the shower. Make sure you carefully balance yourself.


Apply a Small Amount of Shaving Cream

When applying the shaving cream, you should apply a small amount. Rub it into a lather that is thick and spread it over your leg. You should not use soap in place of the shaving cream as it will dry your skin out.


Place the Razor at the Base of Your Ankle

When you start to shave your legs, place the razor at the base of your ankle and gently pull it up over your whole leg. If you are the type that gets bad razor burn, try shaving in the same direction as your hair is growing. With this, you may not get a clean shave, but you will be avoiding those raised bumps.


Rinse Your Blade

Between every stroke, you should rinse your blade. While you are shaving, you should make sure you keep your razor wet.


Avoid Cold Water

When you are shaving, you should avoid shaving with cold water. When you shave with cold water, you will be more likely to cut yourself. You will also be more likely to miss some spots. There is nothing more embarrassing than missing a big patch of leg hair.



It is important that you exfoliate. You should not skip over this step, especially if you have dry skin. You will be eliminating the dead skin, which will raise the hair up just a bit and make it easier to cut.


Elevate the Leg to Shave Your Foot

In order to shave your foot, you will need to elevate your leg. During this time, shave over your toes as well as the bridge of your foot. You will not have to do this every single time you shave. You can usually tell when it needs to be shaved. Take note that the skin on the foot is thin and can be cut easily, so take caution.


Don’t Forget the Thighs

When you shave, do not forget to shave your thighs. This is something that many women forget. Start with using the razor for the upper part of your leg with a stroke right above your knee. Keep shaving until you have reached your thigh. You should move all the way around until your thigh is smooth to the touch.


Don’t Forget the Knee Area

I have found that apart from the ankle, the knee area is the most difficult place to shave. When you are shaving, you have different angles you can use. One you are done with some strokes, run your fingers over the knee in order to locate any areas that you may have missed in the process.


Rinse with Warm Water

When you are done shaving (finally!), it is time to rinse your legs off with warm water. Make sure you rinse the shaving cream thoroughly.

When you get out of the shower and you are done shaving, you should wait a couple of hours before you apply your skin lotion. Did you enjoy my 12 tips on how to shave your legs? I use these tips each time I shave. It keeps me from cutting those hard areas like the knee and the ankle. While I am at it, what brand of razors do you use (you might want to try 'Shick Slim Triple Disposable Razor'? Do you know of any razors that have not worked and have cut you more?

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Hi!!! I am NEW to the site! But, I just experienced this EXACT thing! I went on a cruise and got razor burn all around my bikini line!!! UUUrrggg!! So embarrassing! Sad thing is I STILL haven't found an answer!!!! Hellpppp Mee! I have extremely sensitive skin and would love to know about a possible affordable razor. They seem so expensive! Thanks!

I love bubble baths and take one before bed and shave my bikini to keep stubs away and it stays smooth.

Top of the foot????? I did not even know that hair grows there....!!!! Yeah, shaving the knees is the worst! This is another area where hair should not grow...errrr

Yes, the foot instep and toes may grow some hair, obviously not much noticeable, those who shave their foot is just to make it extra smooth. This guide, though, misses a point as how to shave the hair at the back of your cute thighs :). Stay in the tube, flex you thigh toward your breasts, hold your thigh, then shave from the back of your knee, all the way up to over your butt cheek (if going to the beach and some hair is there).

MAKE SURE TO USE A NEW, OR GOOD RAZOR!! This is one i always forget. and it sucks!! Especially when you get razor bumps easy, this makes you look like you have a nasty rash everywhere! Who would want that? Eeek!! I found a good way to get rid of them (and idk why) but antibiotic ointment. Just apply like a lotion. It may not be the best, but apply with a little bit of water to reduce the redness.

Thannkk You Ladies! Seriously! I don't feel alone in the world! Haha! I will be sure to use these wonderful tips! Xoxo!

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