12 Tips on How to Pluck Your Eyebrows ...


If you have never plucked your eyebrows before, then learning how to do it can be a bit on the tricky side. I remember when I first started plucking my eyebrows. I had the tweezers but I didn’t know what to do! Then, I turned to the Internet and started looking up some tips and that is what I am about to share with you. Plucking your eyebrows is an acquired skill, and it will involve patience and creativity. It can make your eyes look bigger and give your face that clean, polished look. Would you like to know how to pluck your eyebrows so that you can have that clean, polished look? Then pay attention as I am going to give you 12 tips that I personally use.

12. Plenty of Light

When you start plucking your eyebrows, you should make sure you have lots of light in the room. You should never attempt this beauty trick in a room that is dark! Natural sunlight is best, because then you can see all of the little hairs.

Apply an Astringent
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