10 Reasons to Thread Your Eyebrows at Eyebrow Salons ...


10 Reasons to Thread Your Eyebrows at Eyebrow Salons ...
10 Reasons to Thread Your Eyebrows at Eyebrow Salons ...

If you are a woman and either live or have visited New York City at any point during the last few years, you may have noticed that **eyebrow threading salons are popping up almost as fast at Starbucks coffee shops! **So why has this trend have everyone from New York locals to A-list celebs like Jennifer Aniston and Liv Tyler raving?

Threading is an ancient Indian method of facial hair removal. Using 100% cotton thread, the hair is removed through a technique involving the beautician's teeth and hands.

Sound weird?

Here is more evidence as to why threading your eyebrows trumps tweezing or even waxing:

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It is Much More Cost Effective than Waxing ...

Depending on the salon you go to, waxing can cost up to $17, compared to $6 or $7 at eyebrow threading salons.

5 At-Home Waxing Tips From the Pros


Eyebrows Are Left with a More Even ...

... and precise shape due to the threading of one line of hair at once.


There Are No Chemical Products Involved ...

So less irritation on the skin. It is also said that waxing may cause more wrinkles! Do you need any more reasons?


Returning Hair is Commonly Finer ...

Threading pulls the hair from underneath the skin, allowing the regrowth to be slower than waxing and over time, return finer.


Creates near Perfect Arches ...

Get those gorgeous eyebrows that those top Bollywood actresses have!


Lasts Longer than Waxing or Tweezing ...

Threading has the ability to get even those super fine hairs, so there is less visible regrowth.


Threading Can Be Used All over the Face ...

Because threading is so easy, it can be used on the chin, upper lip, and sides.


It is Quick!

On average, eyebrow threading takes 5-7 minutes. Because of the quick turn over, there is usually no waiting time at the salon.


Safe for Users on Accutane ...

Unlike waxing that irritates the skin and can even cause blemishes, threading is safe for all skin types.


Removes Even the Finest of Hair ...

... for ultra smooth skin - Perfect for our HD generation!

The result is cleaner, more natural, beautiful eyebrows that can dramatically change the look of your entire face. If you’re still not convinced ask me more ...

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Bonjour, Je suis à la recherche d'une mutuelle, cela fait quelques temps que j'en ait plus et je suis degoutter à chaque fois que je passe des examens par les prix. Avez vous des bonnes adresses ?

I always get my eyebrows thread I love how it looks but hate the pain(I knw beauty is pain) lol. I live in NYC and where I get mine's down cost $7

I love getting my eyebrows threaded. i usually go every month. I live in Vancouver and it only costs $2.50 here!

I have a peach fuzz all over. Will threading be safe on the whole face?

Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping. I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it. God will appreciate it.

i live near vancouver well in a small city where it costs from $3-$10, mostly $5, and its way less painful than waxing

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