10 Reasons Why I Love Barcelona ...


10 Reasons Why I Love Barcelona ...
10 Reasons Why I Love Barcelona ...

I've lived in the Catalan city of Barcelona for three years now, and I love it. When I decided to move here, I picked Barcelona for no better reason than having a friend here. She, however, promptly got a job elsewhere. It was still a great choice on my part, though, as I adore the city for so many reasons. Here are some of them.

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The Climate

The Climate They have summer here. Coming from the UK, this is a major advantage. Barcelona has months of unbroken sunshine, without the fierce heat of the south. Being able to see that blue sky is a real boost to the spirits, compared to the grey skies of the UK.

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No Snow

No Snow I just can’t see the point of the stuff, since I don’t like skiing, and snow is almost unknown in Barcelona. Except on March 8th this year, when I was stuck in the house for, ooh, hours, as the city experienced its first snow on the ground in nearly 50 years.

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The Shops

The Shops Unlike many cities, Barcelona has not fallen victim to high street uniformity. Yes, there are chains, but independent shops and boutiques are everywhere. Plus the staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

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An Excellent Public Transport System

An Excellent Public Transport System Buses are plentiful and frequent, and integrated with the metro, local trains and trams. Tickets cost around 70p if you buy a 10 journey ticket. How cheap is that?

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Lots of Free Activities

Lots of Free Activities Just ambling around the city is a pleasure, with so many stunning buildings, interesting shops and varied neighborhoods. As a resident, you find out about the many other things going on. Some museums are free at certain times, but there are also free films in libraries, concerts, festivals and much more.

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The Parks

The Parks Just 30 minutes from the center of town are several hidden gems (and I’m not going to reveal where they are). It’s so easy to get away from the city and escape to quiet areas known only to savvy locals and the local birds. You can enjoy natural surroundings and not have to share them with more than the occasional passer-by.

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Barcelona is a City Where Individualism Thrives

Barcelona is a City Where Individualism Thrives Like anywhere, it has its fair share of conformity and laws, but it also has an atmosphere that encourages self-expression, enterprise and small-scale activity.

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Multiculturalism Every nation under the sun must be represented here. You can meet people from all over the world – some are just passing through, while others have settled here.

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City Amenities

City Amenities Everything is here that you could possibly want, from medical to cultural facilities.

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Catalunya is Banning Bullfighting

Catalunya is Banning Bullfighting Sadly it will continue in the rest of Spain, but it’s a start. Barcelona’s last active bullring will see its last fight. Not before time.

Photo Credit: Ardi Beltza

So do you love the place you live in? If you could live anywhere, where would it be? What are the best points about where you live now?

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Hi! Oh God, I loove Barcelona! I tootaally agree with you in everything! I am from there and it's my favourtie city so far:) if you live there you should visit Sabadell, it's such a beautiful city, without all the tourism and "crowdiness" lol of barcelona:) It has really beautiful builgins, and the people is sooo nice! they know you by your name and so on:) It also has chain shops ( H&M, ZARA, etc) along with tones of shoe shops and less known boutiques and so on:) LOL yes, I live there and I was born there... hahahah well I just love my city!

OMG, you actually live in Barcelona? I'm so jealous of you. I was there last year for 2 days, and it was enough for me to fall in love. Barcelona is really my favourite place in world so far. It's one of the most beautiful places ever. I'm dying to go back there these holidays!!!

i sooooooooooo wanna go there! if for no other reason than to say on the plane 'the raaaaain in spaaaain stays maaaaiiinly in the plaaaaaaiin' lol but honestly, i've wanted to go there for such a long time!

I agree on the public transport system,it´s much more efficient than Madrid´s. Barcelona is a very beautiful city. You can get lost on those quaint little streets at the old district filled with cute shops.

Ever since I watched Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona, I've wanted to visit this place. And you actually live there! Lucky lucky ...

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