8 Reasons It's Great to Be Single in the Summer ...


8 Reasons It's Great to Be Single in the Summer ...
8 Reasons It's Great to Be Single in the Summer ...

Sometimes it feels like all the single people go elsewhere for Summer, and everywhere is covered in couples linking arms and romantic picnics...it’s normal to feel a little down about being single. You shouldn’t, though! There are some reasons that it’s great to be single during the Summer months, and here are my favourites...

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You’ll Live Longer

You’ll Live Longer Photo Credit: Caucas'

Researchers have shown that while tying the knot adds years to a man’s lifespan, it shaves about 1.4 years off a woman’s. A study of over 100,000 people proved this, and although it isn’t immediately clear why, living longer is certainly a great reason to stay single!


No Football

No Football Photo Credit: karenlindsay24

The Summer months are always full of sports, but unless you like it or want to check out the players, there is no need for you to watch it! You can watch SATC 2 instead, or invite the girls around for an R.Patz sleepover...whatever you’d like to do instead, it won’t be shouting about a penalty, or a missed goal!



Waistline Photo Credit: Kamoteus (I Shall Return / Voltarei)

Man sized meals and cuddling up on the sofa won’t keep you looking great, but walking your dog (and checking out the men in the park) certainly will. Women put on an average of two stone when in a relationship, so you’ll look much better single!


Beauty Sleepovers

Beauty Sleepovers Photo Credit: Tabbi Kat

Staying beautiful isn’t always pretty. From green facemasks to hair masks, there are some things that you just don’t want him to see, and let’s face it, you look much better all preened! The last time I tried to use a facemask my boyfriend laughed so hard I didn’t think he’d ever stop. Not really the ideal relaxation and pamper session I’d envisioned!


You Don’t Have in-laws

You Don’t Have in-laws Photo Credit: Jen Again

You don’t have inlaws...that’s such a blessing! No one telling you you are putting on weight, nagging you about a wedding or accusing you of not feeding him properly. Or buying you really, really ugly vases that you have to keep and ‘proudly’ display until it ‘accidentally’ gets broken. Really, this is the only reason you should need!


No Little Annoying Tasks

No Little Annoying Tasks Photo Credit: Komshiki

No one expects you to know the recipe to make every nice food there is, how to clean up every stain, look after the children and keep them quiet, and keep the house spotless too. I know it sounds really small, but it can get really, really infuriating.


You Can Be Selfish

You Can Be Selfish Photo Credit: blackbiscuits

Sometimes it’s good to be selfish. Spending all day watching soaps, seeing chick flicks 5 times and spending huge amounts of time surfing ASOS and fantasizing about your future wardrobe. Who wants to interrupt that?!


The Men

The Men Photo Credit: Andreas Reinhold

You’ll be looking great, after those beauty procedures and that weight loss, and when that hot man sends you a cocktail, or you want to spend all night talking to a sexy surfer before kissing him and never seeing him again, you can. From holiday flings to harmless flirting, being unattached doesn’t mean no men at all...it just doesn’t have to be the same one.

So to sum up, you’ll live longer, lighter and prettier, and get more time to do the things you love without having to pretend to be perfect or watch hours of football. Why do we like relationships again?! Know a reason why it’s great to be single in Summer? Please let me know!

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I love being single! So many options when I was dating my boyfriend Kevin I had to call him every day it was a pain in the ass! Being single is the best thing in the summer!

Another good thing about being single is that you can have fun eyeing up men, without the hassle of relationships. Window-shopping, gotta love it.

it's FUN AS ALL HELL! lol

soo true ! :D

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