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9 Great Things about Being Single ...

By Denise

While a lot of people like being in a serious romantic relationship, it is not for everyone. Career and life choices can make one prefer the single life. Heartbreak and past relationships can make you shy away from serious commitment. Whether you choose to stay single for now or circumstances have led you to this road, you don’t have to feel like you are missing out on anything. Here are 9 great things about being single.

1 You Own Your Time

You Own Your TimePhoto Credit: -Sunny-

When you are single, you don’t have to find a way to divide your free time to fit his and your activities. You only have to deal with your activities fitting into your schedule. This makes things so much easier.

2 More Time for Family and Friends

More Time for Family and FriendsPhoto Credit: Spencer Fields

The time you would have been spending with your significant other becomes time you spend with your family and friends. You won’t have to check if you can hang out with the important people in your life.


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3 More Time to Focus on Other Goals

More Time to Focus on Other GoalsPhoto Credit: emil2099

Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that you can’t develop yourself; it just means you have less time to do so. Being single means that you’re not spending a lot of time and energy on a relationship; you will have more time to focus on your other goals. You will have time to take vocational or graduate classes, take on more work responsibilities, or learn new hobbies and skills.

4 No Explaining to do

No Explaining to doPhoto Credit: Karin Elizabeth (USA)

In the first place, you don’t owe anyone any explanations for the things you choose to do. However, when you are in a relationship, you are not only accountable to yourself but also to your partner. When you are single, you answer to nobody but yourself. You can do things without anyone questioning your motives or your reasons.

5 Not Having to Worry about Grooming

Not Having to Worry about GroomingPhoto Credit: PhotoKat

This doesn’t mean letting yourself go. This just means that you can delay shaving your pits and your legs. You can forego removing make up before going to sleep to avoid raccoon eyes. You can stop worrying about morning breath when you wake up. Being well-groomed is a must for anyone. Being single just means that you can go a little easy on yourself once in a while.

6 You Control Your Money

You Control Your MoneyPhoto Credit: Gnerk

When you are single, you only have to spend for your needs and wants. The rest of your money can go into investments, savings, and your emergency fund. Finances will become less of a burden if you take advantage of spending for just one person – yourself.

7 Only Have Your Emotions to Deal with

Only Have Your Emotions to Deal withPhoto Credit: Natesbaby
Being a woman is not easy: we have hormonal fluctuations and mood swings. Dealing with our own emotions is already complicated in itself. What more when we add someone else’s emotions into the equation? Being single is a great way to learn or master your emotions before bringing someone else into your life.

8 You Can Be as Neurotic as You Want to Be

You Can Be as Neurotic as You Want to BePhoto Credit: Feeling Croppy

When you are single, you don’t have to worry whether your little quirks and weird habits are cute or unbecoming. You can just do as you please. You can scrutinize clothing for as long as you want. You can move around furniture as much as you want. You can be as tidy or as dirty at home without worrying about what the other person thinks. You can learn to love yourself despite all the flaws and weird little things you do.

9 You Have YOU All to Yourself

You Have YOU All to YourselfPhoto Credit: caiti anne

Being a single girl does not make you a pathetic person. Being single does not mean that you have to be lonely and sad. In fact, the greatest thing about being single is having YOU all to yourself. You get to enjoy who and what you are to the fullest. You can be your greatest lover and friend. Being single means you have time to be the complete person you were meant to be.

Some people look at the single life as a life of loneliness while some people see it as an opportunity to enjoy life. I say take it as an opportunity to experience life without anything and anyone to tie you down. You can never be lonely if you love yourself and enjoy your own company. There are many great things about being single; you should focus more on those rather than on the negative points.

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