8 Reasons Why Holidays Are a Waste of Time ...


8 Reasons Why Holidays Are a Waste of Time ...
8 Reasons Why Holidays Are a Waste of Time ...

Nowadays, we take it for granted that we should go on holiday once, if not twice a year. It’s our right, we need a break, we need to get away … However, while there are a lot of places I’d like to visit, sometimes I think that holidays are a waste of precious time and money! Here’s why …

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Short-Lived Photo Credit: Shermeee

The moment that you get back, it’s like you’ve never been away. As soon as you arrive at the airport for the return journey – maybe even sooner – the benefits of the time away seem to just evaporate, and you end up in a gloom that you have to return to the daily grind …


This paragraph highlights the short-lived nature of holidays and how the positive effects seem to disappear as soon as you return to your daily routine. This feeling is commonly known as the "post-vacation blues" and is backed by research that shows the happiness and relaxation from a holiday typically only lasts for about two weeks. Additionally, studies have found that the anticipation of a holiday can actually bring more joy than the holiday itself. This further emphasizes the fleeting nature of vacations and how they may not provide long-term benefits for our overall well-being.



Cost Photo Credit: IronRodArt - Royce Bair

Holidays are definitely expensive. Hundreds of dollars, if not thousands, and it’s all gone in a week (two if you’re lucky). What’s more, if for whatever reason you don’t have a good time, then all that money has been spent with no benefit whatsoever!


Between flights, accommodation, meals, and activities, the bills stack up with alarming speed. And let's not forget the hidden costs that sneak up on you — those airport transfers, the irresistible souvenirs, even your mobile roaming charges. All these can leave your wallet significantly lighter. Ever experienced post-holiday blues? Imagine that sinking feeling, but with your bank account! Absolutely, there's something to be said for creating priceless memories, but sometimes the price tag is, honestly, a little too steep. It's worth asking, could that money be better invested in something with more lasting value?



Stress Photo Credit: colorblindPICASO

With delays, security etc, travelling can leave you exhausted and stressed. And then you’ve got to do the whole thing again to get home. At which point you barely have time to breathe before you’re back at work again. As they say – you need a holiday to get over your holiday!


In addition to the stress of travelling, holidays can also be a source of financial strain. With the cost of flights, accommodations, and activities, many people end up spending more money than they intended. This can lead to post-holiday blues and stress as people try to catch up on their finances. Furthermore, holidays can also disrupt daily routines and cause health issues such as jet lag and overindulgence in unhealthy foods and alcohol. This can impact productivity and overall well-being, making it difficult to get back into the swing of things after returning from a holiday.



Priorities Photo Credit: Colton Witt Photography

With the current economic climate, many of us don’t have much spare cash. Sometimes we have to decide what’s most important. Once my bills are taken care of, my priority is my cats. I’d rather keep my money in case they need veterinary treatment, than blow it on a holiday.



Tiring Photo Credit: Twiggy Tu

All that sightseeing is exhausting. And why do hotels insist on getting you up early for breakfast and then out so they can clean the room, when all you want is to sleep late? I would prefer to rent an apartment, so that I can come and go as I please – except that as a single traveller, it works out more expensive than staying in a hotel.


Other Tourists

Other Tourists Photo Credit: ty law

Now, I like to think of myself as a traveller, rather than a tourist (the difference being that a traveller speaks the language and has a genuine interest in the culture). Whether I am right or not in this distinction, for me the problem is that wherever you go, there are tourists spoiling it for you! It’s obviously impossible to have a place to yourself.


Different Tastes

Different Tastes Photo Credit: janine1968

Have you ever been on one of those family holidays where everyone wants to do different things? Or worse still, a holiday with friends where one person wants to dominate everything and make all the decisions? It’s hard to find a holiday that will please everyone in a group …


… and this difference in interests can lead to frustration and even conflict. Imagine, you're dying for a peaceful day at the beach, while your cousin is itching for a high-energy zip-lining adventure. The art lover in the group is longing for museums, but your thrill-seeking friend is on the hunt for the nearest bungee jump. With such diverse expectations, finding a compromise can be exhausting, often leaving someone feeling out of sorts. It's enough to make you wonder whether orchestrating a holiday that satisfies everyone's taste is just too tall an order!



Pressure Photo Credit: ƅethan

Not everyone wants to travel. Some people would quite happily stay at home and never visit anywhere in their lives, or stick close to home. Yet it is only in recent decades that the holiday has come to be seen as an essential, almost as something that you are expected to do.

So, what do you think of holidays? Do you find them a waste of money, or do you love travelling? Do you have a long list of destinations that you are slowly ticking off? Or are you a homebody who likes to stay in familiar surroundings?

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I don't mind going on city breaks abroad once a year but I get bored very quickly on beach holidays and I never get excited about the day I fly because I find airport security a pain in the arse and sitting on a plane for hours is boring so I have to take a book with me.Most tourists abroad are annoying and sometimes it's impossible to enjoy the sights because the places are overcrowded with tourists so you barely get time to see anything. I don't mind traveling in my own country to see a show in a different city but that's about it. I think people that travel a lot (outside of work) just want to escape their everyday life that they hate,but just like drugs the effects are temporary and once they wear off it's back to reality.

I agree with the fact that it takes a while to readjust back to you old 9 to 5 office life (versus your 4 pm till 8 am party till you drop Vegas lifestyle)... But trust me, those hours at the airport, the stress at the office before you are finally off on vacay, those 10 hour flights, even gaining a couple of pounds, Its always ALWAYS worth it.

I think people who feel constant need to travel are junkies, addicted to dopamine. People get addicted to the constant need for this short term fix of entertainment for the brain.

When the alternative is never getting a break from work....

Hmmm .... tell that to all the people stuck at UK airports ....

I love travelling so much that I am just going to wipe out those negative points in the post from my memory.

You make some good points, that I totally agree with. I originally left home to travel, then I engineered a creative profession; where I got to travel for free, with enough free time to enjoy the destinations... Therefore, I see the 2 holidays a year thing, as pointless, and it would never appeal to me. I'd never waste money on overpriced hotel rooms, food and the like, when I could put the money to much better use. However, I do understand, that the average person who's never experienced any other type of travel - other than tourist - will endure all the negitive aspects mentioned. Unfortunately, most people can't see the wood for the trees! and travel companies like governments know this.

I only travel when I have too, and it's mostly business and a little touring of the location. That way I kill 2 birds with one stone. I rather sit at home and chill, than go through the hassle of visas, boarding and being in a crowded place when I am on holiday. The fact is that I am always on holiday when I am in our cozy bedroom with my wife.

Totally agree, would rather buy a foreign car and experience that foreign land like that

How to enjoy your holiday? Just stay at home. Lie in bed all the time and get up only when it's time to eat. If you travel, you will just get tired. I sincerely don't understand why something that makes you tired can be classified as a "great event."

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