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8 Reasons Why I Don't like Christmas ...

By Alison

Over the years I have come to enjoy Christmas less and less, to the point of almost completely opting out now. Sure, it was fun when I was a kid (many moons ago), and when my sisters’ kids were young, but now I’m just so over the whole thing. Some people can’t understand why I don’t enjoy it, others are very much in agreement with me. Here are the reasons why I’m not into Christmas (bah humbug)…

1 In Your Face

It seems that every year Christmas goods appear in the shops earlier and earlier. I find it so annoying to be reminded of winter when it’s still summer! Christmas is just one day, yet it seems to take over several months of the year. It’s hard to see it as something special when it’s everywhere you go, and the promotion starts so early.

2 Commercial

First, the displays start to appear in the shops. Then they get bigger and bigger. Next come the TV commercials, promoting this year’s must-have toy. On and on it goes, the encouragement to spend, trying to convince people that they must make everything perfect.

3 Stolen Property

Now, we pagans have to say this every year. The Christians stole our festival! Then they complain that Christmas doesn’t have much to do with Christ any more. Still, I’d rather it was celebrated as a religious holiday than as the orgy of commerce it’s turned into.

4 Pressure

‘But it’s Christmas!’ And …? Why should I or anyone else feel obliged to celebrate an occasion we don’t have any interest in? I’m not a party person, Christmas means nothing to me, and I’d rather save my money for something I’m genuinely interested in or need.

5 Expense

Spend! Spend! Spend! And then pay, pay, pay the credit card bills! Some people feel obliged to buy presents for every family member, children’s friends, teachers, neighbours, colleagues etc. Children want expensive presents. Then there’s the food, entertainment, party outfits … Then if you need to travel to be with family, the price of airline tickets goes up. Where does it stop?

6 Loved Ones Are for Life …

I’m often asked if I’m going ‘home’ for Christmas, and the reaction can almost be one of shock when I say no. Well, I like to remember that I have a family all year round, not just on December 25th!

7 Overkill

Why is it that people buy enough food to feed the five thousand when they’re only having two guests for Christmas? I don’t know about the US, but people in the UK go crazy. Supermarkets are packed throughout December with shoppers who pile their trolleys with goodies until the wheels are in danger of falling off.

8 Decorated Houses

Do whatever you want to the interior of your house. Decorate it with enough lights to illuminate a small town. Stencil giant Santas on the walls. I don’t care. But please, I’m begging you, please don’t decorate the outside of the house. My eyes can’t take it!

Are you on the point of saying no to Christmas? Do you find the pressure too much and the cost excessive? Or do you love every minute of the preparations and the festivities?

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