7 Inspirational Reasons Not to Run Away from Home as a Teen ...


7 Inspirational Reasons Not to Run Away from Home as a Teen ...
7 Inspirational Reasons Not to Run Away from Home as a Teen ...

First of all, I want to start off by telling you that I am not here to judge you. I know that there are times where problems come about and it seems as if there are no end to those problems. I was a teenager once and I remember those days quite well (about 7 years back). I am just thankful to have nice parents and people around me that helped me out. I also understand that some teenagers do not have parents or anyone around them that they can talk to. There are times where people need to talk – to let things out. That is where this blog is going to come into play. You will find friendly people, like myself, who are willing to give you advice. I had a sixteen year old tell me she was going to get married. I didn’t flip out on her, while everyone else did. I told her that it is her life, she’s smart and it is her who is in control of things. She is the one running her life. If she feels that getting married at sixteen is something she truly wants, then why not? I feel like giving you 8 inspirational reasons not to run away from home as a teen …

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No One is Perfect

If you are going through rough times and feel as if you are not pleasing those in your house, then it is important that you realize that no one is perfect. Even if the people in your house look down on you (I’m sorry), I think running away as a teenager would be a bit harder.


Everyone Has Obstacles

Everyone out there, from time to time, will have obstacles that they have to deal with. I know, no one wants to deal with those obstacles, because they are no fun. However, it is those obstacles that make us stronger. They are what makes us who we are today - as long as you learn to deal with them. If you were to run away from home, then you are running away from problems. You need to stand there, stare that obstacle in the eye and let it know that you are stronger than it thinks.


People Believe You Can do Better

Let me draw a scenario out for you. Every day, you walk in the door and there your mom is, sitting there nagging you. Asking you why you didn’t do this, why you didn’t do that and it gets into a yelling fit. Your mom starts to yell at you. She is upset that you are bringing home bad grades. Unless there is another reason, such as your parents are drunks (my husband dealt with drunk parents his entire life, so I feel you), it is just your mother caring about you. She is scared of you. This is certainly not a reason to run away from home. Basically, just believe in yourself and know that you can do better.



You still have friends, correct? Then get to know those friends and they may turn into best friends. If you do not have friends, then you can easily make some. Trust me, you are not as bad as you may think you are.



If you were to run away right now, then you may not see your family ever again. I know, this does not sound so bad at all, but you could start to get homesick.


The Streets

I’m going to tell you this right now – those streets are nowhere for a person like yourself to be. Those streets are full of crime, hatred and rape. If you were to run away, you should ask yourself some questions – where do you plan on going? Do you have a job? Can you support yourself? If you answered no to all of these, then there is the streets. Bad things tend to happen to those that run away from their home. I’m not saying this to be mean to you, I just want to give you the entire story.


A Better Solution

Perhaps there is a better solution than just packing those bags and running away to a place unknown. Being a runaway is only going to add another problem in there, not a solution. If you are being abused and are running away to seek relief, then the runaway is going to be looked at as if they are the bad one. The authorities may want to deal with them as if they are an unruly cause and may never know the truth as to why the teen ran away. If you feel that you are being mistreated by your parents, then you need to go to the juvenile court in your area, talk to a police officer, a juvenile judge or a probation officer. You may want to look into filing a dependent petition in the juvenile court and ask for assistance from the court. This is going to focus the attention on the mistreatment that you are going through. You will not be looked at as if you are a problem child. There is always help for those who feel they need to run away from home. You will be told where to get food, shelter and counselling and the confidentiality of the caller will be maintained. If the individual would like to talk to their family, then the switchboard will connect you by phone or will deliver a message to you. You can contact the National Runaway Switchboard, which is a twenty-four hour hotline – free. The phone number is 1-800-621-4000.

Those are 9 inspirational reasons not to run away from home as a teen. I know that this blog is really lengthy and is over one thousand words, but I just feel that you need some inspiration in your life and if it takes me writing a lot, then I will do it. I will monitor this blog, so if you have anything you need to talk about, just tell me. Remember, there are other solutions to the problem. So, is there anything you need to talk about?

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Ugh... In a way, I feel like running away, though I guess you can't call it that since I'm legally an adult. My parents are overly controlling and drive me insane, we fight constantly and they don't support any decisions I make, just because I don't fit their standards of what a successful person is- because I'm going to a therapy school this fall instead of college. It's constantly tense and I need to get away, but I have nowhere to go. :/ the economy is so bad, I haven't been able to find a job for over six months now. What am I supposed to do?

After two years of Major Depressive Disorder, several therapists, twelve antidepressants, and a treatment center, a series of fights with my mom have just about made me snap. I've been craving a life alone for weeks. I took a walk today in a half-hearted effort to run away, but that didn't cut it. I want to run away more than just about anything right now. I know it would be stupid, so I'm trying to convince myself not to. This is one of the things stopping me.

I ran away once... but then I came back, I realized how much I need them and still, and how negative I was.

what are some reasons not to run away?

i tryed to run away when i was 9 but i ended up going bk to my family. i just kept thinking the whole time were i could stay and how id be able to support myself.

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