10 Reasons to Stay Home on Friday Night ...


10 Reasons to Stay Home on Friday Night ...
10 Reasons to Stay Home on Friday Night ...

Friday night is the official end of the work week, the kick-off to the weekend. Why would you ever want to stay home on a Friday night? Actually there are numerous reasons to stay home on Friday nights, some to do with family time and some to do with personal time. What follows are just a few reasons for staying home on Friday nights.

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Family Time

Perhaps the most important reason to stay home on a Friday night is to spend time with your family. Gather the kids, your spouse and some finger food and spend the night in watching TV or videos. Play family games or get reacquainted with each other over the bar-be-que.


Time for Significant Other

Friday nights are perfect for spending special time with your partner. After the workweek you are both ready to unwind and get caught up. If you have kids, send them to grandma or to their friend’s house for an overnight stay. Take this time for yourselves to get reconnected.



Today many of us are pinching our pennies and as a result our entertainment budget has shrunk. One way to lower our entertainment expenses is to plan evenings at home rather than out on the town. It is much less costly to rent a video and make popcorn at home than to go to a movie theater.


Read a Good Book

Our society is fast paced and it seems to never slow down. Why not pick up that book you have heard so much about and give it a read on a Friday night?


Introspection Night

If you find yourself alone on a Friday night, instead of going out bar-hopping why not enjoy a quiet evening of introspection. Take a good look at where you are and where you plan to be. Run a nice bubbly bath and soak to some soothing tunes and warm candlelight. Amazing how a little self indulgence allows one to see things more clearly.


Invite a Few Friends

Instead of going out for dinner on Friday night after work, invite some friends over for potluck. Ask everyone to bring a dish they can prepare the day before. That way everyone will be able to enjoy the meal, and no one will be stuck in the kitchen.


Pamper Party

While everyone else is out painting the town, Friday night at home is the perfect time to pamper yourself with a little wine, a little dinner, a nice manicure, a spa type bath experience, a few phone calls to friends and an early bed call leaving you set for a fantastic Saturday.


Big Screen Night

Celebrate your new big screen TV by staying home to watch Friday night programming. Not only will it be entertaining but you will be saving money by staying home.


Project Night

Friday night is a good night to stay home and take care of those little projects that annoy you, like cleaning out your drawers or lining the shelves. Accomplishing projects on Friday night allows for guilt free enjoyment of the rest of the weekend.


Do Whatever Tickles Your Fancy

Spending a Friday night at home leaves you free to do whatever you want; try a new vodka martini recipe, dance in front of the mirror, throw on baggy sweats and generally relax and do whatever you want.

Sometimes it is just nice to stay home. What have you found to be the most satisfying thing about staying at home on a Friday night?

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I wish I could've stayed home last Friday night! But instead, I went from school (8-3) to work 3:30-11.

The main reason is to prepare yourself for Saturday night ;)

hehehe I think the main reason would only be budget.:P

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