7 Reasons Why Tall Girls Shouldn't Give up Wearing Heels ...

When life throws you a lemon, order some tequila shots and you’ll find out that that lemon might be the best thing that has happened to you in a long time. Now replace “lemons” with “height” and “Tequila” with “shoes” and you’ll understand exactly how I feel about the combination of tall girls and high heels. Hey, I’m a tall one myself but I would never let my height interfere with my love for shoes. So, if you are a tall shoe lover too, here’s some reasons to motivate you to go out and don’t be afraid to stand out:

1. Because You like Them

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If you like high heels, don’t just settle down with watching other girls wear them. Go shoe shopping and I want to see you getting out from the store carrying a pair of those killer heels you’ve tried on. When you dress up to go out, check yourself in the mirror and try not to think of how tall those heels make you look but how gorgeous you look as a whole.

2. Because You’ll Get to Bend the Rules

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Now is there anything sexier than a pair of looooong legs? Being tall does have it’s good sides, you can’t argue with that one. Short girls have to be very careful when picking their shoes – too wide ankle straps, for example, can make their legs appear significantly shorter than they really are. We, the tall ones, don’t have that to worry about. We can wear all kinds of strappy models because, hey, we have an extra few inches.

3. Because You’ll Always Have a Clear View of the Situation

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Nobody will have a problem spotting you and you’ll be able to see everybody and everything. That’s what is so great about being tall – you just can’t go unnoticed. You can, of course, but you’d have to make yourself not worthy of noticing. And that, my ladies, is something neither one of us could pull off no matter how hard we try;)

4. Because You’ll Get to Hear a Lot of Funny Pick up Lines

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My personal favorite is, “Let me guess what you do– you are a basketball player?” LOL! I know, I should have taken this as the insult but I just couldn’t. I mean the guy seemed so honest and desperate to start any kind of a conversation. This can be a great thing too because you’ll always have the most original pick-up line attempts in your collection. Plus, you’ll always have a good witty comeback to let a guy know his time is up.

5. Because Models Wear Them Too

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You can’t be short or even average height and become a professional model. But, did you ever hear anybody saying, “Oh, I could never date a model, they are too tall.” I haven’t and I think I’ll never get to hear that, even if I get the chance to live 100 years. So, if models can wear high heels and rank high on the desirable dating candidates list, why can’t we? Why must we insist on the fact that people will see as, not as models, but as human lighthouses or whatnot? They won’t! Tall is the new black.

6. Because a Lot of Hot Guys Will Be All over You

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Guys don’t care about a girl’s height too much, especially if the overall impression is great. Oh, they will check you out, have no doubt about that, but the first thing on their mind won’t be “Maaan, she’s tall!” but “Maaaan, she’s hot!” When I started going out I thought I need to make a choice and settle for either flats or only extremely tall guys. I’ve decided to go with the second one but the most unexpected thing happened – I realized that guys just don’t care about my height. In fact, most of my exes turned out to be my height or even shorter than me.

7. Because You’ll Look GREAT

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Heels give the entire outfit an elegant, sexy note. They actually define the whole body, making it appear slimmer. They kind of force you to be gracious – no big steps, back straight, chin up… you know the drill. Even the feet seem smaller when placed at an angle and that’s something I appreciate very much.

So let’s do the math now, 7 positive things and only one negative. Now tell me this: is the fact that you’ll be taller than 50% of other girls worth of it? Nobody will notice that and the ones that do will probably think you’re a model, sweetie! So, how about it? Are you ready for some tequila shots?

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