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When one has anorexia as a teenager, they could become overweight when they are an adult and finally start eating. They usually have slow metabolism, then, because their bodies do not know how to process the food properly. Simply put, their bodies are not used to the food. Why do girls become anorexic in the first place? This is something that puzzles some, but I know why. Below, I am going to give you 7 reasons why girls become anorexic.

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Im 12 ,13 Very Soon And i feel fat im not huge! jst normal i feel like every too skinny and i want to have flat belly like my friendss i mostly hide my belly but i buy belly tops :/ can any1 tell me what to do oh and i eat healthey things eat sweets and crisps but i love them ! ha ha ha thanksss ...xxx

I have had Anorexia for 8 years-Anorexia is stereotyped all the time and everyone assumes its all about being vain and skinny-that is why there is all that horrible "pro anorexia' nonsense online-Anorexia is an incredibly complex, powerful psychological disorder with really serious mental/physical health effects-for people to assume "its all about being vain and skinny" is just not true-I am a naturally skinny person and there is no reason I should have developed anorexia, but I have had it for 8 years-people just want to be ignorant and think its dieting gone too far-its not-its a mental disorder, an addiction-that is really hard to get over-I have been in three treatment centers already and don't see myself getting better any time soon

I am 13 years old and am 5,1 I weigh 96 pounds. I mean I guess I should eat more. I don't throw up on purpose I just don't eat. People say I have an eating disorder. So if they r so sure what's the name of my eating disorder.

While good points, a lot of the things you brought up seem like the more shallow reasons. Anorexia is a psychological disease with many underlying psychological causes which I didn't really see you touch on in this article. I don't think it's fair to say that all anorexics just want to be skinny and beautiful when a lot of them are in significant emotional pain.

Interesting article.

The name of this article should be changed to "7 reason why people develop Anorexia" For one thing, no one can simply "become" anorexic-anorexia strikes people unexpectedly-its never a choice-by saying people "become" anorexic, you are making it sound like people somehow are responsible for making themselves sick like this-and that's wrong-no one with anorexia chose it and no one that suffers with it should be blamed-also. boys get anorexia too-its not just a disease strictly for girls

Your hearing from someone who has had anorexia themselves. @Sarah, Im sorry but its not just being in pain like that. It makes you want to intentionally hurt or harm yourself to make yourself feel more pain. Its a form of self torture. You can also be raised with people telling you you are fat or other influences like family members who are. But, you are right that not all anorexics want to be skinny.

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