7 Reasons to Avoid Soda ...

From the time I was a small child the words, β€œThat stuff will rot your teeth” have rung in my ears every time a see a can of soda. This was a common phrase that my grandparents uttered when they saw my dad drinking a can of his favorite cola. I have to admit, it never prevented me from having the occasional glass of pop, but I have learned the many hazards behind this carbonated beverage over the years. Here are 7 reasons to avoid soda.

7. Promotes Cavities

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Brushing your teeth will help you battle plaque that builds up on your teeth, while drinking soda will only feed this plaque. The sugar in soda is what plaque feeds on. Sugar feeds the bacteria in your mouth, which then produce acid that aid the plaque in the corrosion of the protective enamel on your teeth. The less sugar you can provide for this sticky substance, the less chance plaque will have to harm your teeth.

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