8 Hidden Dangers of Being on a Diet ...


8 Hidden Dangers of Being on a Diet ...
8 Hidden Dangers of Being on a Diet ...

A good, well-balanced diet can do wonders for your looks, health and self-esteem. However, a lot of incorrect data and bad diets are being passed on these days so being able to tell the difference between a good and a bad diet can be hard for us non-professionals. However, I’ve managed to single out some of the most damaging effects bad dieting can have on your body. And here they are – all eight of them:

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Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety Photo Credit: JKönig

Unbalanced or harsh diets can affect your ability to think, learn and concentrate. Some studies have also proved that they might affect your mood as well as induce some mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, irritability and sleeping disorders.


Low Immunity

Low Immunity Photo Credit: TheTruthAbout

Body that lacks nutrients is too weak to keep its shield so every little virus or bacteria will be drawn to you like a moth to a flame. Without the precious vitamins, minerals, fibers and other elements, even the common contaminants we eat, breathe and drink every day could have a much destroying effect on your defenseless body. And those effects can be long lasting. Believe me, I’ve learned that the hard way.


Greater Risk of Having a Stroke

Greater Risk of Having a Stroke Photo Credit: Chaval Brasil

Scientists agree that vegan diets can increase this risk. Now, you are probably wondering why, since being on a vegan diet sounds like leading a healthy, animal-fat-free life. Well, the horrible truth is that some of those substitutes for meat contain a lot of sodium and soy which are known to raise the blood pressure.


Heart Problems

Heart Problems Photo Credit: Pink Sherbet Photography

Diets that promise ultra-fast weight loss can’t be good for your body. Most of the times, they will just get you badly dehydrated so there is no actual weight loss. Once the body recovers lost liquids, you will find yourself right back where you’ve started. However, if such a fast weight loss turns out to be real, it will probably come with a bad side effect –arrhythmia.



Diarrhea Photo Credit: Network Osaka

This one is a common side effect of detox diets. Now, detoxifying your body is very healthy and it’s something we all should do once in a while. But prolonged detox diets are definitely not something you should experiment with because having the visit the ladies room very often is not the only disadvantage. First, you are not eating as much as you should nor as good as you should and you are losing the little nutrients you’ve had by going to the bathroom so often. Now, that can’t be good –can it?


Lack of Precious Nutrients

Lack of Precious Nutrients Photo Credit: chefranden

Every food group plays an important role in proper functioning of our bodies. You need vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbs and even fats and sugars. So do check your diet to see whether it bans any of the important foods.


Hair Loss

Hair Loss Photo Credit: Simon Peckham

Pay attention to this one, ladies, because if men have such a problem with losing their hair, imagine how it would look like for a girl to loses hers! Depriving yourself of vitamins and minerals will take its toll on your hair! I’m not saying you’ll go bald overnight but if you choose to starve yourself, you can definitely forget about having Angelina Jolie’s hair.


Muscle Tissue Loss

Muscle Tissue Loss Photo Credit: m00by

Harsh, poorly balanced diets make you lose water, nutrients and muscle mass. In fact, once you cut off the food everything your body will “save for rainy days” is fat. And once you start eating normally again, everything you ate will go for recovering the lost muscle tissue. Previously stored fat is still there and you are gaining more weight every minute.

Let’s not forget that even the popular, celebrity diets like Atkins and Zone have sustained radical changes during the past decade because they proved to be unhealthy. So what do you think? Is there a safe, good diet out there? And can you recommend some?

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I am a very active girl who is not even 30 yet, does the 60-mile walk for Breast Cancer every year, plays roller derby 3x a week and hikes every chance I get. Unfortunately I have never been as fit as I would like - especially in the tummy area - and have asthma. At 5'6'' I weighed in at 223 lbs in Early August 2010. I am now at 192 and have the goal of 160-170. Losing weight that fast was due to limiting my bad carbs and sugar and focusing more on protein and veggies. I actually consulted my doctor before making the lifestyle change and she was all for it. She even warned me I would feel lethargic as my body went through sugar withdrawals but would then have an energy boost. It was rough but, as a family, we comitted and are seeing great improvements in our health. Even my depression and anxiety, which I had been on a daily medication for, is getting better and last month I stopped the medication altogether. So yeah, always a firm believer in eating less and moving more to lose weight, I found a diet wasn't what was needed, but a dedication to a healthier lifestyle based on what my body needs instead of what it craves.

I believe the only way to lose weight healthly and effectively is to exercise a little more and eat a little less, only a little less though x

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